This Way Up

The This Way Up is a fringe merchant ship / tramp freighter / whatever-you-want-to-call-it. It's used as the ship (and title) for a set of convention games.

It probably converts best to a Fantasy merchant-ship (add a bunch of faceless crew to trim the rigging, etc.) or caravan-style traders (add more NPCs as guards and servants). I don't think it would do very well in Modern or Near Future, unfortunately.

Crew Members:

Sean Antonelli, TL10 Ship's Doctor
Simon Evanson, TL10 Starship Security Chief (100 points)
Serena Hawkins, TL10 Merchant/Administrator/Computer Expert
Howard Jandret, TL10 Planetary Scout (100 points)
Karyn MacMillan, TL10 Starship Pilot (100 points)
Kitaru O'Donnell, TL10 Starship Captain (100 points)
Jose Renwar, TL10 Trader/"People Person" (100 points)
Toji Smith, TL10 Starship Engineer (100 points)

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