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GURPS Combat Cards – Cover

GURPS Combat Cards

Designed by Sean Punch * Illustrated by Bob Stevlic

GURPS Line Editor: Sean Punch

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Because Hesitation Means Defeat

Designed by Sean Punch
Inspired by the original GURPS Combat Cards, by Robert L. Beaver and Andy Normansell

Warriors in combat must make decisions quickly or die! While the gaming table isn't that tough, GURPS offers many choices. Old hands know these by heart, but newcomers can find learning them to be half the battle – and every veteran starts as a recruit.

GURPS Combat Cards even the odds. They concisely explain all variations on every combat maneuver in the GURPS Basic Set, several important attack and defense options, and key conditions inflicted by injury. They greatly reduce page-flipping at the table.

These cards aren't a game in themselves, but you can certainly use them in play: Keep the ones that describe your character's condition in front of you, and declare your actions by "playing" relevant maneuvers and options.

In battle, speed is life!

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