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Unofficial GURPS Pages

We welcome the creation of unofficial websites – in fact, we revel in it – as long as they acknowledge our trademarks and don't plagiarize our printed games, our own site, or the sites of others. In other words, if you have a site for original creation and commentary about our games, we like you, we thank you, we'd like to link to you. Please read and follow the directions of the SJ Games Online Policy before you ask to have your URL posted here. If your fanpage meets the above requirements, then send your URL to

Remember, these are the works of our fans, not of SJ Games and as such, they (not SJ Games) are solely responsible for their content.

  • Collective Restraint's GURPS page contains GURPS Fourth Edition material like articles, downloads and game aids. There are quite a few conversion articles from various systems to GURPS (D&D and Dark Eye), sortable occupational templates, racial templates, and meta-trait and monster compilations.
  • Myth-Weavers is a play by post site with full support for GURPS, hosting games and character sheets.
  • GURPS Melendor – A fantasy world scenario, in Portuguese. Gods, history, geography, races, a bestiary, and everything else you need for a good adventure.
  • Krapou's Unofficial GURPS Fallout page contains material for GURPS roleplaying in the post-apocalyptic Fallout setting, including information on weapons, armors, equipment, templates and creatures. The site is mainly in French, but the converted information is in English.
  • Dr. Dave has a collection of house rules for 3rd and 4th Edition GURPS.
  • ELIZA's Grimoire has sample characters, house rules, GURPS Shigan (an original game world), and more articles in Japanese.
  • Michele Armellini's home page has characters, vehicles, house rules, and a list of published works.
  • Wake Me for Adventure, Brian Underhill's website, has designer's notes for GURPS books he has written, as well as a list of current projects.
  • Brett Slocum's Campaign Generator is an interesting tool for creating a game setting! You can find this and more GURPS information at Brett Slocum's GURPS Page.
  • Spaceport Serena Dawn – The site of GURPS Pathfinder, an extensive campaign background for GURPS Space.
  • Arthur Shipkowski's GURPS Page contains worldbooks for GURPS Gargoyles and GURPS Reboot as well as excerpts from his All Of The Above submissions.
  • GURPS Mega Dungeon is an attempt to create dungeons and geomorphic hex tiles for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy players.
  • T.Bone's GURPS Diner – GULLIVER, a creature design expansion focusing on "scale" rules for building and gaming creatures of any size (even human!). Plus plenty of house rules, uses of a Magic skill in GURPS, magical languages, and Star Frontiers to GURPS character conversions.
  • Leif's GURPS Page – house rules, plus some stuff on running Hârn under GURPS, and some background and tech info for a Space campaign universe
  • The lovely and talented Dr. Kromm has compiled a list of Advantages, Disadvantages and Skills for 3rd Edition.
  • David Carter's Journal of the PK Institute for Information Engineering is well worth checking out. It's a subset of the larger All Of The Above, an APA focused primarily on GURPS.
  • David Morgan-Mar has written a lot of stuff for GURPS, including the GURPS combat/speed range chart in metric format
  • The Unofficial Highlander supplement for GURPS by Eric P. Isaacson and Travis Sparkman
  • Softdragon has a few aids to help GURPS players on his page. Included is a GURPS Vehicle Record Sheet for Word 97 and name generators.
  • The GURPS Character Archive is a searchable database of over a hundred characters. Add your own!
  • GURPS Godzilla, complete with the Mu (the Super Mystery Magazine) and United Nations Godzilla Countermeasures Center? Roleplaying in the Toho Universe by Jonathan Woodward. Beware Ghidorah and Planet X!
  • Running out of magic? The Codex Arcanum has one of the biggest, most comprehensive listing of magic spells for GURPS. Not to mention the Ars Magica to GURPS conversion section, new magic rules and variants compiled from various house rules and discussion lists.
  • E-Adventures is designed to be a community of GameMasters to work jointly on adventures and campaigns, intended for use with GURPS. You can submit ideas for adventure hooks and comment on previously posted ideas.
  • A Yahoo! group to discuss the GURPS World War II series.
  • Henry J. Oliver III's GURPS page include two settings (fantasy and steampunk), new hit location tables, and some miscellaneous stuff.
  • The GURPS Wiki offers a lot of original stuff, an Infinite Worlds wiki, alternate rules, templates, conversions, etc.
  • Nemtos proposes his own Transhuman Space page, with some new spacecrafts, plan decks, and even images of the Transhuman Space world.
  • Interested in following a GURPS Traveller campaign? You can check Brother Bob's website.
  • Mike Cubbin proposes a detailed fantasy setting called Saduria, including in-depth information available in easily downloadable files.
  • The GURPS Hardpoint site, by Peter Lustig, contains settings, adventures and new rules for many different genres.
  • Mook's RPG page is home to a variety of GURPS material, including Combat Examples (4th Edition) and Campaign Notes (3rd Edition).
  • Need to design vehicles, robots, or spaceships? Looking for the sites of fellow GURPS gearheads? Try the GURPS Gear Head Ring!
  • And if all these sites aren't enough, check out the GURPS Web Ring!

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