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What does "Powered by GURPS" mean? What's the difference between a PBG title and a regular GURPS book?

There are several differences, but none of them is hard and fast. The only thing we can say for sure about all the PBG books is that they're compatible with GURPS. But in general:

  • PBG books are very well supported. Some, like Transhuman Space and GURPS Prime Directive, are followed by a dozen or more supplements. Others, like GURPS Conspiracy X or Hellboy, have only a few specific GURPS titles, or maybe only the corebook . . . but tie into a very rich background that the GM can easily adapt to his game.
  • PBG corebooks are more self-contained. A couple of the earliest ones (first-edition Transhuman Space, and Eden Studios' GURPS Conspiracy X) require the GURPS Basic Set and Compendium I. Our goal now, though, is to make the corebooks stand by themselves, by including a specially adapted version of the GURPS Lite rules in each one . . . see, for instance, GURPS WWII and the The Hellboy Sourcebook and RPG.
  • PBG books are generally optimized for their specific setting. We guarantee compatibility with GURPS, but we're more open to simplifying measures and to authors tweaking things to fit the setting. PBG books may contain specific rules that are not backwards-compatible with the rest of GURPS . . . but, of course, these are clearly marked.
  • Some PBG books are released by companies other than SJ Games!

Powered By GURPS Releases . . . So Far

These are the PBG lines that are already available or announced. Each title links to the page for the book or line.

Discworld Roleplaying Game

The official roleplaying version of Terry Pratchett's best-selling fantasy series. (The first printing didn't say Powered By GURPS, because we hadn't thought of the phrase yet . . . but Discworld Roleplaying Game was where we came up with the concept for this kind of book.)

Soon to be updated for GURPS Fourth Edition!


The greatest conflict in human history. The armies, the weapons, the vehicles, the battles.

Transhuman Space

A near-future, hard-science campaign background, with no aliens except the ones we have created ourselves . . .

GURPS Conspiracy X

Published by Eden Studios, this is a world of alien invaders, supernatural horrors, and soulless conspiracies . . . hiding behind a thin facade of normality . . . Pray this is only a game.

The Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game

Mike Mignola's brilliant "Hellboy" comics and graphic novels, adapted for your campaign. Occult horror, intrigue, and monster-bashing as only Mignola's "big red guy" can do it.

GURPS Prime Directive

Published by Amarillo Design Bureau . . . roleplaying in the Star Fleet Universe! This is a long series, starting with the Romulans and Klingons, and going on from there.

The Vorkosigan Saga Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game

The official RPG adaptation of Lois McMaster Bujold's award-winning science-fiction setting.

And more to come . . .

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