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April 7, 2004: Cover Competition Results

The winner was #2, created by Victor R. Fernandes, a graphic artist who lives in São Paulo, Brazil. Victor says, "I've been playing RPGs since '93, and working with them since 2002 - first as a writer for a major Brazilian RPG magazine, and now working on a few of my own projects and a (soon to be online) gaming website, and some articles too." What we're showing you here is the same mockup that Victor sent us and we used in the poll . . . we don't have an ETA for a "publication" version yet, but we'll post it when we do. Even as a mockup, Victor's work is way better than some real covers we've all seen . . .

A clear majority of you liked this "look" the best. Victor's design was the choice of 58% of the 2,535 voters! In second place was the sepia design created by Boris Sirbey, with 26%. (Comment from more than one of the judges: "If we ever do a new edition of In Nomine . . .") In third was Lance Schroeder's reframing of the Second Edition with 10%, and in fourth, with 7%, were the original cover images displayed on the announcement date. (Yes, because of rounding, those add up to 101%).

Thanks to everyone who entered. It definitely felt traumatic to discard what we'd done and throw it open to all comers . . . but we're glad we did.
-- Steve Jackson

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