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April 20, 2006: Traveller Starship Counters

One of the finer features of GURPS Traveller Interstellar Wars is Chapter Ten: Starship Combat. But where do I find hexagonal counters decorated with silhouettes of Interstellar Wars Era ships?

As of today, I search no more! GURPS Traveller Interstellar Wars Combat Counters are now available for download on e23 and they're absolutely FREE!

Ten pages of counters with all the ships, missiles, gravity hexes, worlds, small bodies, and disabled markers you need. Everything from 10-dton fighters to the 30,000-dton Indomitable, from the 200-dton Hero-class to the Sharurshid 10,000-dton line freighter.

Now, to grab a big sheet of blank hexes...

(And on a related note, Paul Drye, one of authors of GURPS Traveller Interstellar Wars, has a column in Pyramid Magazine, called Infinite Crossroads. He'll be discussing it tomorrow, Friday 21 April at 7pm CST. Subscribe now for the chat, the column, and much, much more!)
-- Paul Chapman

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