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April 23, 2004: Proof Of Infinite Worlds!

During the GAMA Trade Show, we discovered that a major character in GURPS Infinite Worlds (due in December) has a parallel version here in our own timeline! Baron Janos Telkozep, agent of ISWAT, and Jeff Mackintosh, Art Director for Guardians of Order, are seen here. Obviously, given a few twists of fate, the Baron could be watching anime in the Great White North, and Jeff could be dimension hopping.

However, a single parallel version won't persuade those Fools At The University. They laughed at our theories! But you can help! Find our local equivalents of the rest of the ISWAT crew, and we'll finally be able to RULE THE WORLD!

Here's how to help: find a lookalike for one of the iconic characters (as pictured here), and take a picture. Send us the image, along with your name and address, as well as the name and address of your subject and a letter, signed by the subject, giving us permission to use the photo for this contest. We'll evaluate the best parallel version for each character, based on closeness to the character, props, and sheer coolness. The photographer will receive signed copies of the GURPS Basic Set (both books), and the subject will receive a signed copy of GURPS Infinite Worlds. Submissions will be accepted until midnight, July 31, 2004. The winner will be announced in August 2004.

You may note, of course, that finding a parallel version of C31R07 ("C-31" to its friends) may be difficult. So . . . build one. Bonus points will be awarded for the model being actual size, mobile, and/or an AI. Including active weaponry is not encouraged unless we get to keep the model, in which case, cool.

All submissions become the property of Steve Jackson Games. We cannot acknowledge individual submissions. And all your base are belong to us. Fnord.

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