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April 24, 2007: Munchkin Rigged Demo

And now the page is up and the secret is revealed.

We'll be giving copies of the Munchkin Rigged Demo to our Men in Black and to the retailers at GTS. But they'll also be available for sale, because after we got it all planned out, we realized that some of you would hunt us down and slay us if you couldn't get one. Plus, we don't want to give them away at GTS and see them on eBay next week at 20 bucks. So it's got a nice cheap printed retail price: $4.95. However, we only printed 5,000 total, and I used one up at Penguicon, so if you really really want one, you should really really grab it as soon as you can. If they're going for 20 bucks on eBay in a year, that's the way the cookie crumbles.
-- Steve Jackson

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