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August 5, 2018: We Need More!!! Simon's Cat And Super Kitty Bug Slap Reprints

While reviewing inventory and sales forecasts, we realized it was time to order more Simon's Cat Card Game and Super Kitty Bug Slap. These two games continue to sell well, and we're always happy when we hear that families who try one turn around and grab the other; it turns out that these two little games featuring cats make for a fabulous family game night!

We think we caught the threat to our supply early enough that there will be no disruption in availability. And with the reorder, we hope that we have guaranteed we will have enough games to last through the holidays. (Fingers crossed; it's always great when games out-sell our expectations, but it's also rough when we're out of a top seller during the Christmas season . . .)

You say you're not familiar with the Simon's Cat animated series? We can fix that!

-- Phil Reed

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