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August 12, 2018: The Fantasy Trip Companion

As part of the Kickstarter project to bring back The Fantasy Trip, supporters have unlocked several website articles, including a mix of new content and Space Gamer articles. Spells, monsters, rumors, and more are hosted at the official thefantasytrip.game website. Now, for those who prefer printed books, we're producing The Fantasy Trip Companion as part of the project. In addition to the website and Space Gamer articles, we have been securing reprint rights from others – Judges Guild and Chaosium have granted us access to their older TFT magazine articles – and some of those articles from other magazines will also be included in the book.

To get your copy of The Fantasy Trip Companion softcover book, you can join the Kickstarter project before it closes on August 24. The printed book is included as a bonus at the I Want It All reward level or, if you wish, as an add-on item to other reward levels. You can find more info on Kickstarter!

-- Phil Reed

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