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August 1, 2018:
We have ameowzing news: Super Kitty Bug Slap, the game of fast paws and faster slapping, is available at Target now! Designed by Sam Mitschke and Randy Scheunemann (Simon's Cat Card Game), with art by Len Peralta (Munchkin Clowns, Munchkin Collectible Card Game), Super Kitty Bug Slap is a fast-paced dexterity game where matching the color, shape, and bug are all that matters . . . read article

August 2, 2018:
Missing out on Gen Con? No worries, our Warehouse 23 Gigantic Gen Con Sale has you covered . . . read article

August 3, 2018:
Steve Jackson Games and Games Workshop are pleased to announce that Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 will be coming to game stores near you in early 2019. Developed by Munchkin Line Editor Andrew Hackard, in consultation with Games Workshop, and illustrated by original Munchkin artist and Warhammer 40,000 fanboy John Kovalic, Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 will be a Deluxe-format game with a Level tracker board, character standies, and 168 cards . . . read article

August 4, 2018:
After yesterday's big announcement (posted here), you might have thought we didn't have anything else cooking this year, but you would be, oh, so very wrong about that. Steve Jackson designed this game, in which you invite over far too many cooks. Munchkin Crazy Cooks is a new, Deluxe-format game that will be on the shelves exclusively at Barnes & Noble in mid-September . . . read article

August 5, 2018:
While reviewing inventory and sales forecasts, we realized it was time to order more Simon's Cat Card Game and Super Kitty Bug Slap. These two games continue to sell well, and we're always happy when we hear that families who try one turn around and grab the other; it turns out that these two little games featuring cats make for a fabulous family game night! . . . read article

August 6, 2018:
With two weeks down and less than three weeks to go before the project closes, we're happy to report that The Fantasy Trip continues to unlock stretch goal after stretch goal on Kickstarter. Over 2,000 project supporters have broken through over two dozen stretch goals, and at the moment, that Legacy Edition box is loaded! . . . read article

August 7, 2018:
There was a bit of a hiccup with the upcoming Ogre Battle Box, as discussed in a Kickstarter update, but we can now report that everything is under control and the new game is shipping to project backers. This large box, loaded with dozens of plastic miniatures and all of the rules necessary to play Ogre, is the result of months of work and the support of the Ogre faithful . . . read article

August 8, 2018:
Our amazing Men In Black demo team go out in force to show off all types of SJ Games products. Recently, they've been demoing The Fantasy Trip, and we've got a few pictures of games in action! . . . read article

August 9, 2018:
We're back from Gen Con 2018, and we're wiped! As always, Gen Con was our biggest show of the year, and we had a packed booth all show, as well as a ton of events around the convention . . . read article

August 10, 2018:
Do you have a passion for fashion? If not, you will soon . . . at least, a passion for Fashion Furious! . . . read article

August 11, 2018:
Except maybe the scientific community. But the Nuffield Council on Bioethics said tinkering with DNA before having a baby might not be such a bad thing . . . read article

August 12, 2018:
As part of the Kickstarter project to bring back The Fantasy Trip, supporters have unlocked several website articles, including a mix of new content and Space Gamer articles. Spells, monsters, rumors, and more are hosted at the official thefantasytrip.game website . . . read article

August 13, 2018:
Why did the duck cross the road? Don't ask us; that's just what John Kovalic drew . . . read article

August 14, 2018:
What do you get when you combine the excitement of The Fantasy Trip (live now on Kickstarter!) with the fun of the fan-favorite Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game? An old-school experience to remember! Pyramid #3/118: Dungeon Trips offers goodies of interest to both RPGs, including a dungeon from David L . . . read article

August 15, 2018:
Get a heaping helping of rainbows and cuteness with Munchkin Unicorns! This Kickstarter success is now available to preorder via BackerKit, along with some thematic add-ons to go with the new mini-expansion.  With the stretch goals, Munchkin Unicorns was able to grow into something much bigger, including its own Boxes of Holding and Kill-O-Meter! Since the mini-expansion features art from Katy Cook, Ian McGinty, and Len Peralta, we decided to include some optional add-ons featuring their art! . . . read article

August 16, 2018:
In 2019, the world of Cidri, the official setting for Steve Jackson's The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game, expands – everyone is invited to contribute adventures (solo and game-mastered), area writeup and history, monsters, characters, treasure, and more to the game. In celebration and support of the return of The Fantasy Trip, Steve Jackson Games will release a limited publishing agreement for the game in 2019 . . . read article

August 17, 2018:
It's stunning. We're absolutely blown away with the support fans have given The Fantasy Trip on Kickstarter, and the campaign still has a week left! . . . read article

August 18, 2018:
If you missed the Kickstarters . . . you haven't missed the games. Yet. Conspiracy Theory is in the warehouse now . . . read article

August 19, 2018:
Superheroes are all the rage nowadays, and apparently Super Munchkin has become part of the MCU! Fans of Netflix's Luke Cage pointed out that our game can be seen in the opening of episode 3 during a fight . . . read article

August 20, 2018:
In Starfinder, you can shoot for the stars, and if you miss, SHOOT HARDER. Munchkin Starfinder takes the hit Paizo RPG and amps up the ridiculousness with our iconic humor and the awesome art of Howard Tayler.  The wait is almost over! Preorders are open now for Munchkin Starfinder, including the game and the I Want It All Box! . . . read article

August 21, 2018:
Prepare for launch! Munchkin Starfinder hits shelves in September, so stores around the U.S. and Canada will celebrate with launch parties on the weekend of September 21, 22, and 23! Join a store near you to get some promo cards and bookmarks! . . . read article

August 22, 2018:
In the April 1989 issue of the Steve Jackson Games Where We're Going newsletter, we announced: "Although we've resisted the decision for a long time, we've finally decided to discontinue our Pocket Box game line." That, as many long-time fans know, was the end of an era. Between the release of the Pocket Box in 1982 and the discontinuation of the packaging format in 1989, many classic games were released in the plastic Pocket Box. Car Wars, Ogre, IlluminatiThe Awful Green Things From Outer Space, and more were sold by the tens of thousands in these plastic cases, and it was a shame when the boxes were no longer produced . . . read article

August 23, 2018:
If you want to make a good meal, ask a chef. And if you want to cook up some Munchkin, ask the designer!  That's where Chef Steve Jackson comes in . . . read article

August 24, 2018:
Even if we were to get zero new support today, the last day of the Kickstarter campaign to bring back The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game, we would be overjoyed by the response we've seen since the project launched last month. Over 3,000 backers, over $270,000 in support, and a vibrant community of gamers already looking forward to playing the game when we deliver the PDFs in October, all add up to a big win for the return of The Fantasy Trip . . . read article

August 25, 2018:
Now that we've been back from Gen Con for a couple of weeks and the con crud has burned itself out, it's time to recap our news and tease some things for the future! Munchkin Crazy Cooks! We announced this new Deluxe-style set at the show. It's going to be in Barnes & Noble stores next month, but you can order it right now on their website . . . read article

August 26, 2018:
Two more GURPS titles are back in print via our On Demand program! The GURPS WWII Core Rulebook is the perfect starting point for the most pivotal struggle in the 20th century . . . read article

August 27, 2018:
There is no bigger fan of Warhammer 40,000 on the SJ Games staff than our production artist Ben Williams. Ben has won top prizes at Gen Con for his miniature-painting skills and his advice has been invaluable in designing Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 . . . read article

August 28, 2018:
We're on our way to Seattle for PAX West, August 31 to September 3! We're taking over the gaming area on the second floor, behind the escalators, with a huge zone to play new and upcoming releases!   Get slap happy and lob some blobs with Super Kitty Bug Slap and Blob Lobber, light and fast dexterity games meant to test your reflexes! . . . read article

August 29, 2018:
We've been waiting for you. Not you, you . . . read article

August 30, 2018:
When we posted the Munchkin Mat of Mayhem for preorder earlier this summer, we had no idea just how many Munchkin players would want it. After the preorders closed, we were flooded with "how can I get one?" requests . . . so many that we have opened the Mat of Mayhem for a second round of preorders! . . . read article

August 31, 2018:
One of the coolest things to happen since the release of the Munchkin Collectible Card Game has been the community development. The Munchkin CCG fans have taken it upon themselves to make some pretty awesome forums and sites to discuss and preview cards and strategies, and even make decks!  We wanted to highlight a couple of these awesome fan sites, to show our appreciation . . . read article

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