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August 24, 2018: Last Chance To Join The Fantasy Trip Kickstarter Project

Even if we were to get zero new support today, the last day of the Kickstarter campaign to bring back The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game, we would be overjoyed by the response we've seen since the project launched last month. Over 3,000 backers, over $270,000 in support, and a vibrant community of gamers already looking forward to playing the game when we deliver the PDFs in October, all add up to a big win for the return of The Fantasy Trip. With over three dozen unlocked stretch goals over the past month, The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition has grown into a remarkable bargain for the Kickstarter backers . . . and, fortunately, there's still time for you to join the adventuring party!

The best deal, if you're looking to take advantage of Kickstarter pricing, has to be the $110 "I Want It All" reward level. That scores you the Legacy Edition game (see contents list, below), two playmats, a printed copy of the Companion sourcebook, a custom 9" x 12" pocket folder, and a hardcover copy of the 176-page In the Labyrinth rulebook.

At the $60 reward level, you get a copy of the Legacy Edition box, which includes:

  • Two boxed microgames, Melee and Wizard, each complete with maps, counters, and dice.
  • In the Labyrinth: 176-page softcover rulebook.
  • A character- and reference-sheet booklet.
  • The adventure Tollenkar's Lair.
  • Two solitaire adventures, Death Test and Death Test 2, boxed together with the associated counters.
  • A four-panel, landscape GM screen.
  • Melee and Wizard character pads.
  • A stack of die-cut megahexes so that you can build your own dungeon layouts.
  • Two 17" x 22" poster maps.

This is just the start of the game's return! Already, Steve and Guy are planning supplements, and we have five authors working on adventures that we plan to release in PDF before the game ships in March 2019. Thank you, everyone, for your support of The Fantasy Trip and for showing us that we're right in moving forward with expanding the game far beyond the limits of this one Kickstarter project.

-- Phil Reed

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