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December 3, 2023: Steve Jackson Games' 2024 Schedule Announcement!

2024 Releases for Steve Jackson Games

If you weren't able to make it to PAX Unplugged this weekend, you missed a not-so-little presentation we gave to unveil our 2024 lineup! Fear not! We have the best bits right here for you to glue your eyeballs to, and throughout the year we will be writing Illuminators to highlight both the new games and the beloved reprints coming to your gaming table.

As the still new-ish CEO of Steve Jackson Games, it was important for me to kick off our new year with a roadmap of where the company is heading. As you can see, we have some really fun new titles in Groo: The Game and Tabloids. We continue to show our love and support for Car Wars, with an all-new 2-player set that makes it easier for new fans to drive into the arena, and will give long-time players some much-anticipated updates.

Munchkin, our flagship, will continue with some punny good expansions, and the all-new Munchkin Shadowrun. But I have to be honest with you: the one I'm most excited about is our collector's edition Munchkin Big Box! This set will have 50 all-new cards by John Kovalic, a treasure trove of exciting memorabilia, and a box big enough to hold your Munchkin collection! I can't wait to unveil more of the details in the months to come.

We also have a couple of semi-secret projects in the works. (Come on, you can't expect us to reveal everything!) One is so secret that if I say any more, I'll be [REDACTED]. And just wait for our all-new as-yet-to-be-titled RPG project!

All right, enough talk. I'm sure you want to see the list!

     Groo: The Game
     Munchkin Snakes
     The Fantasy Trip Hexagram #12 Kickstarter (Estimated release: March 2024)

     The Fantasy Trip Bestiary
     Munchkin Shadowrun Kickstarter (Estimated release: July 2024)

     Ogre Miniatures Set 4
     CARnage 2 STL Kickstarter (Estimated release: May 2024)


     Munchkin Pony Excess
     Munchkin Big Box Kickstarter (Estimated release: September 2024)

     Car Wars Orange/Purple
     Untitled Assorted One-Page RPG Set Kickstarter (Estimated release: August 2024)

     Munchkin: The Floor Is Larva
     Car Wars Expansion Pack 1 (titles TBD)
     The Fantasy Trip Hexagram #13 Kickstarter (Estimated release: August 2024)

     Car Wars Vehicle Guide
     Munchkin Age of Sigmar: Dire Domains
     Foes 3 Kickstarter (Estimated release: October 2024)

     Munchkin Golems
     Car Wars Expansion Pack 2 (titles TBD)
     Choose Cthulhu Books 7-10 Kickstarter (Estimated release: December 2024)

     Hacker Deluxe

     Munchkin Ghosts
     Car Wars Expansion Pack 3 (titles TBD)

     Squarescape Kickstarter (Estimated release: December 2024)

     The Fantasy Trip Hexagram #14 Kickstarter (Estimated release: February 2025)


We will also have tons of support for GURPS in 2024! We continue to bring the GURPS library to PDF, including:

     Dungeon Fantasy RPG: The Devil's Workshop (January)
     GURPS Template Toolkit: Spirits (February)
     GURPS Infinite Worlds: Atlantropa (April)
     GURPS Meta-Tech (June)
     GURPS Fantasy Folk: The Reptilian Races (August)
     GURPS Monster Hunters Adventure: The Face of Fire (October)
     GURPS Loadouts: Starship Crew (December)

Of course, dates are always subject to change based on manufacturing and shipping issues – however, it's very exciting to have our 2024 planned out!

Now, with 2024 out into the wild, it's time to start working on 2025! We hope you enjoy these games as much as we enjoyed creating them!

-- Meredith Placko

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