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December 9, 2023: "Bundle" Up For The Holiday Season

We're celebrating the 2023 holiday season by bundling together some of your favorite Steve Jackson games and accessories in an epic sale only – on Warehouse 23!
Car Wars enthusiasts can score big savings with a Car Wars Mega Bundle, which includes a copy of the Red / Yellow or Blue / Green Two-Player Starter Set, as well as five additional accessory packs. Cat lovers will enjoy a purr-fect bundle that includes the newly-released (and PAX Unplugged favorite) We Love Cats! For the Munchkin aficionado, you'll find an accessory bundle, along with the Munchkin Gift Pack. And if you're a fan of rolling dice, we have several great bundles for you! There are even a few small boxed games and accessories that would be perfect stocking stuffers. 
Head over to Warehouse 23 to place your order before this holiday sale ends on December 13th!
If you're shipping your goodies and hope to receive your items before Christmas (and you are in the U.S.), we encourage you to place your order this week, as general shipping times around the country have become increasingly slow.

-- Michelle Richardson

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