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December 28, 2023: The Curious Countdown: Number 4 – Shop 'Til You Drop . . . Dead?

Floor Plan 4  Mall of the Dead

Eeeek! It's time for another installment of the curious countdown! This time we're turning our all-seeing eye to number 4. (And if this is all new to you, check out the first post where we explain the premise.)

I love Floor Plan 4 – Mall of the Dead. I mean, I love the other installments of the Floor Plan series, which presents oversized maps of ready-to-use locales. (We're counting the cheeky – and free-to-download – Floor Plan 2 - The Great Salt Flats in this assessment.)

Mall of the Dead stands out for me because it's two supplements in one. It features a full multi-level mall map (with both hexes and squares, like the entire Floor Plan series). That map is perfect for an action-packed set piece for various RPGs. It also includes a sheet of Cardboard Heroes counters, with an assortment of zombies – which are always welcome in my campaigns. (If you're in a holiday spirit, those counters also have Santa and some elves . . . in both traditional and zombie formats!)

The physical version has been out of print for years, but the digital version is available to download from Warehouse 23. Depending on your needs, Floor Plan 4 might be just the supplement for (four?) you!

-- Steven Marsh

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