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February 18, 2006: Free Store Fixtures!

Marcus King, of Titan Games, has been offering good deals for a long time. But here's an amazing one, if you are anywhere near Battle Creek, Michigan.

He says:

FIXTURES FREE. Gondolas, spinner racks, glass shelving, etc - free. No charge. FREE! (ALL YOU CAN CARRY, FREE.)

(As in you can come get it, you can take as MUCH as you want, no charge, and I will even have someone help you load your truck!)

No, I will not ship. I have more than 50 fixtures currently. First come, first served, and whatever I can't get rid of I am going to have to THROW AWAY. I have to vacate the facility they are stored in by the 28th of February.

Come one, come all, get the fixtures (uh, free)!!!!

Marcus King
Titan Games - Owner
637 Capital Ave SW
Battle Creek, MI 49015

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