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February 18, 2015: The Latest In Loot For GURPS!

Pyramid #3/75: Hero's Jackpot

When fighting the forces of evil, there's often one burning question for those locked in mortal combat: "What do I get out of this if I survive?" The latest issue of Pyramid offers some answers in that regard, with the collection of rewards contained within Pyramid #3/75: Hero's Jackpot. It's dedicated to a myriad of genres, from fantasy to space opera to horror and more.

This issue's feature mini-supplement is "Just Rewards," a guide to new and different abilities a hero might receive in a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy campaign from that series' architect, Sean Punch. Gain a dragon sigil, undergo a psychic awakening, become a saint of the city, or receive one of dozens of new boons.

This issue also features a guide to expanding and enhancing the options for familiars in any GURPS magical milieu, a look at space opera rewards from one of David L. Pulver's campaigns, a guide to adding the world-altering abilities of GURPS Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys to a setting without permanently disrupting things, and much more.

We think gamers should treat themselves, and Pyramid #3/75: Hero's Jackpot is perhaps the most distilled example of this notion yet. Get its goodies individually, or subscribe to Pyramid today and receive your just (or unjust) rewards for months to come. No matter how you get this issue of Pyramid, you're sure to hit the jackpot!

-- Steven Marsh

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