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February 1, 2018:
If not, you're missing some of our hints about what's coming up for Munchkin – and you don't want that, right? We're starting a series of peeks at the Munchkin Starfinder Classes and Races, leading up to when we ship the game to our Kickstarter backers in May, and we'll have other news coming as well . . . read article

February 2, 2018:
We're back from a whirlwind tour of North America, teaching gamers how to play the Munchkin Collectible Card Game! Phil already reported on his Wisconsin journey, so those of us who journeyed to the east coast decided to talk about our events as well. First up is Ariel with her Florida report: Over the weekend, I traveled to the Sunshine State to show gamers there the Munchkin Collectible Card Game – and the trip was a success! . . . read article

February 3, 2018:
The 3X 3-D Car Wars tournament returned to OrcaCon for its third year, receiving a large, prominent table right by the center doors in the main ballroom. The OrcaCon organizers deserve a huge thank-you for providing this excellent, well-lit location for the tournament.   Vying for a seat in the final were 24 duellists, competing over the four qualifier games . . . read article

February 4, 2018:
Intro note from Steve Jackson: I asked GURPS editor Steven Marsh for some elucidation on the process of creating PDFs, and he sent me such a great memo that I wanted to post it as a look behind the scenes. If you use PDFs in your gaming, this may interest you! I asked: "I need some help curing my ignorance about the making of searchable PDFs . . . read article

February 5, 2018:
We're getting close to selling out of Revolution!, our Euro-like boardgame of bribery, blackmail, and bellicosity. At present, we don't have plans to reprint it, so if you've been holding off, you're running out of time to pick up one of my favorite games in our catalog . . . read article

February 6, 2018:
Hunter has been ripping open Munchkin Collectible Card Game booster packs on Facebook Live for the last few weeks (last mentioned here), and last week it was Rhea's turn to tear into four more packs. You can watch the video to see all of her pulls, but the most incredible find had to be the Ace of Spades, possibly the rarest card in the game, which Rhea found in the very first pack!  Just what does the Ace of Spades card do in the game? . . . read article

February 7, 2018:
The day of love is coming soon, and we know you've prepared something lavish for your loved one. Chocolate fountains, a dozen roses, rose fountains, a dozen chocolates; you know the drill.  But for those of us who aren't ready, our Munchkin Valentine's Day-themed accessories are available at your local game store and Warehouse 23 now! . . . read article

February 8, 2018:
After a successful orbit around the solar system, Triplanetary is coming to rest back on earth, closing out the highly successful Kickstarter campaign this Friday.  If you've been living on the moon for the last month (and who could blame you, it's great this time of year), Triplanetary is the game of space combat, and movement, in the solar system. Celebrating the 45th anniversary of this game, this new edition of Triplanetary has been a long time coming, since the promise made by Steve in 1990 . . . read article

February 9, 2018:
John Perry Barlow was found dead early Wednesday morning, February 7. Reports are that he died in his sleep . . . read article

February 10, 2018:
It's been a little over a year since the release of Ogre Sixth Edition, so we wanted to take a moment to point out how successfully this game has stood the test of time. Ogre (Steve Jackson's first design) was published 40 years ago but our fascination with threatening AIs hasn't waned. Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to the original 1982 Blade Runner, stunned audiences, while James Cameron recently converted the classic Terminator 2: Judgment Day to 3-D.   We also have to mention the immense amount of support we received for our Ogrezine Kickstarter campaign, which was funded in less than an hour! It seems there are few things we find more intriguing than humanity's struggle against super-intelligent, murderous technology that we probably created in the first place . . . read article

February 11, 2018:
If you're going to be a drain on the critical werewolf-fighting silver supply, you'd better have a pretty good reason for it. Beijing Silvermine is many things – a book, a gallery, a photo repository – created and maintained by Thomas Sauvin . . . read article

February 12, 2018:
Given the success of our recent Munchkin Collectible Card Game prerelease events (you can read about some of our trips here and here), we've added a few more around the country! During our New York Toy Fair visit, Phil and company will be stopping by stores in the New York/New Jersey area to teach the game, plus we'll be at another event in Austin!  Contact stores for details, but reserve your seats now; space is limited! New Jersey The Bearded Dragon Sunday, February 18 – 12 p.m. 123 Claremont Rd., Bernardsville, NJ 07924   The Only Game In Town Sunday, February 18 – 3 p.m.  211 W . . . read article

February 13, 2018:
Moop is back with more mashed up monsters and weapons, plus all the groan-inducing jokes you need! Probably more than you need, to be honest. Munchkin Magical Mess is available now, and it's fully compatible with Moop's Monster Mashup for more monsters and much merriment. Munchkin Magical Mess is a deluxe-style game, so apart from the cards featuring terrible jokes and punny illustrations, you'll also get a beautiful gameboard plus player standies to track your level, even if you can't keep track of all the monster mashups you've already seen . . . read article

February 14, 2018:
That's right: The Munchkin Collectible Card Game is nearly on shelves! To mark this occasion and to make sure people can find a spot to play, stores around the U.S. and Canada are holding Munchkin Collectible Card Game Release Events on the weekend of March 2 (that's March 2, 3, and 4)! . . . read article

February 15, 2018:
This year's annual report is now live. We have been doing this since 2003, and you can see links to all the older reports at the bottom . . . read article

February 16, 2018:
The SJ Games case at New York Toy Fair is an annual tradition, featuring our hottest new and upcoming titles. This year's case celebrates the Munchkin Collectible Card Game in all its glory! . . . read article

February 17, 2018:
No time for intros when we have the Munchkin Collectible Card Game releasing this month! It has already started shipping to our distributors and should be on store shelves on or around February 21 . . . read article

February 18, 2018:
It's official - the Munchkin Collectible Card Game has started shipping to distributors! Now that all of the orders are in, we're officially allocating the first wave of starters and boosters . . . read article

February 19, 2018:
In a miracle of science, SJ Games has taken the DNA from Munchkin and fused it with DNA from a mosquito encased in amber, to create the ultimate expansion. People said our scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should, but before you knew it, we packaged it in a box . . . read article

February 20, 2018:
The new Munchkin Collectible Card Game, designed by Eric Lang and Kevin Wilson, reaches stores on February 21! We first announced this game at the GAMA show in 2016, and over the last two years, our team has been taking the design all of the way through the development, playtesting, and production process . . . read article

February 21, 2018:
Well, I got schooled today. I played the Munchkin Collectible Card Game with Randy . . . read article

February 22, 2018:
We strike hard and fade away into the night . . ."   Welcome to the rooftops and sewers of New York City, where ninjas, mutants, and aliens prowl, and a special group of heroes . . . kicks down the door, kills the monsters, and steals their loot!   We are excited to announce that IDW Games, in conjunction with Steve Jackson Games and Nickelodeon, is producing Munchkin: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in both a standard edition and two special editions, Deluxe and Deluxe Ultimate. TMNT founding artist Kevin Eastman is also involved with the project. IDW will be supporting the game with a Kickstarter campaign, beginning 11 am PST on March 7 . . . read article

February 23, 2018:
We're heading to the Pacific Northwest for one of the coolest shows of the year: Emerald City Comic Con, in Seattle from March 1-4. The newly released Munchkin Collectible Card Game will be featured heavily at booth 909, at our first show where you can buy the game!  There will be demos at the booth, and we'll even have starter sets and booster packs for purchase . . . read article

February 24, 2018:
I went on a short but wonderful trip to Indiana last week. My first stop was at the Alliance warehouse to meet with their sales team . . . read article

February 25, 2018:
Two of our classic GURPS authors have teamed up to create the new Princess Bride Role-Playing Game, now on Kickstarter. Steffan O'Sullivan wrote, and Ann Dupuis edited, this upcoming release, published by Toy Vault . . . read article

February 26, 2018:
Why do we love the circus? Is it the acrobats? . . . read article

February 27, 2018:
Going on spring break (or just wish you were)? Why not pick up the Spring Break expansion for Chez Geek House Party Edition and prepare yourself for what might be coming? Chez Geek: Spring Break is fully compatible with our first expansion, Slack to the Future - but you can play either of them without the other - and features amusing (and occasionally disturbing) art from Greg Hyland . . . read article

February 28, 2018:
Emerald City Comic Con opens this weekend in Seattle, March 1-4, and SJ Games will be there with your Munchkin Collectible Card Game fix!  Our convention team of Rhea, Ariel, Guy, and myself will be camped out at booth 909, teaching the Munchkin Collectible Card Game to all of you fortunate con-goers. Not only will you get to play the game, we'll even have starter sets and booster packs to feed your newfound addiction at the show! . . . read article

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