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January 3, 2020: Closing Soon: The Car Wars Sixth Edition Kickstarter Campaign Ends On Monday


If you haven't yet joined the Car Wars Sixth Edition campaign on Kickstarter, then now is your chance to take advantage of the special Kickstarter savings . . . because even the upcoming BackerKit preorders won't offer a bargain as incredible as you can get today if you select the $140 reward level. Backer support has unlocked dozens of stretch goals and made that $140 reward better and better, with cards, miniatures, and more included in that package. It is definitely the campaign's sweet spot.

If you're looking for over $450 (post-KS price) worth of Car Wars for only a $140 pledge, now is your chance! In just a few more days, the Kickstarter campaign will be over and you'll have missed out on your shot at a deal that is unlikely to happen again.

-- Phil Reed


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