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January 21, 2015: Ride Into Western Adventure With GURPS!

Pyramid #3/74: Wild West

Like a stranger without a name or a past, the current issue of Pyramid rides into town, looking to keep folks safe from less-than-fun gaming. Behold, a legend is born, and it is called Pyramid #3/74: Wild West!

This fearless issue showcases an in-depth guide to the Ashiwi, written by GURPS Hot Spots scribe Matt Riggsby. Gain insight into the history, religion, government, and more of this Native American culture, and use the full-color maps to keep it all organized.

For an adrenaline-charged look at the West, check out "Outlaws and Arrows," a mini-supplement to porting GURPS Action to the rough-and-tumble past. It includes new GURPS templates, lenses, and adventuring tips. This issue also provides second-by-second breakdowns of famous gunfights in GURPS Tactical Shooting terms by Hans-Christian Vortisch, author of GURPS High-Tech: Adventure Guns; Western-themed adventure ideas for GURPS Zombies from mastermind Sean Punch; GURPS vehicles stats for two Western modes of transport; and more!

Put on your tin star and rustle up this issue individually, or subscribe to Pyramid today and get this issue plus more months of multifaceted fun. Regardless of how you pick it up, Pyramid remains the best in the West!

-- Steven Marsh

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