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January 24, 2015: Nuremberg Toy Fair Time!

Later this month I'll be in Europe for the Nuremberg Toy Fair. I'm meeting our printer rep, David Blanchard with GPI, in Prague and then traveling to Nuremberg for the show. At the Fair we will meet with licensees to discuss ways in which we can work more closely together on manufacturing (and there will be discussions about new Munchkin expansions, but that's secret so I'll say no more). Also at the show I'll keep my eyes open for possible Newness That Needs A US Home and try not to get too overwhelmed with all of the excitement of being surrounded by toys.

The trip is certain to be productive, and with David as my traveling companion in Europe it will also be very enjoyable and unforgettable. David has already made it clear that he's got our travel plans under control and all I need to do is drag my brain along. After a few trips into China with him I trust him completely and am certain to work hard and relax all at once; one significant benefit to traveling with your print rep is the most insane of ideas can instantly lead to product and manufacturing discussions.

And besides, if things go wrong I'll get to poke fun at David a week or so later when we meet again in NYC for the New York Toy Fair. That's a show I know very well and am 100% ready to tackle with new surprises . . . not to mention the fun of watching our Munchkin World NYC event in action.

It's going to be several busy weeks between now and . . . well, between now and 2016.

-- Phil Reed

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