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July 4, 2015: Meanwhile In The Future

I recently listened to the first three episodes of the new Meanwhile in the Future podcast, and can say I will absolutely be following this series. Created and hosted by Rose Eveleth, each episode presents a possible future scenario, and then discusses the idea with experts to determine how plausible that future scenario may or may not be. At about fifteen minutes each, these are excellent for the commute to and from the office, and those first three episodes were enjoyable enough that I'm looking forward to hearing what other scenarios Rose presents to the world.

In the very first episode, A World With Artificial Wombs, one of the experts offering opinions on the subject is Lois McMaster Bujold. Neat! This means that we at Steve Jackson Games already have a tenuous connection to the Meanwhile in the Future podcast. 

This is great listening if you enjoy podcasts and love to think about possible futures.

-- Phil Reed

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