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July 10, 2016: Crowdfunding Focus - Mistborn: House War

Crowdfunding Focus


It's time for another edition of "Crowdfunding Focus," the irregular blog feature in which we tell you about something neat and nerdy you can help fund on the internet! Because it's fun to fund neat and nerdy things on the internet!

This time, we'd like to bring your attention to a game based on popular fantasy novels, and designed by a brilliant guy whose games you've probably played, or at least heard of.

Kevin Wilson's Mistborn: House War will let you compete and cooperate at the same time when you play as the houses from Brandon Sanderson's popular Mistborn novels. You'll have to work together to keep the empire strong, while working individually to gain the most favor from the almighty Lord Ruler.

Credits for Wilson include Arkham Horror, The X-Files, and Descent: Journeys in the Dark -- not to mention our own I Hate Zombies! Right now he's working with us again, on our upcoming Munchkin Collectible Card Game.

The game has reached its minimum funding, but it's still on Kickstarter through July 20. Donate right now to help reach stretch goals for an 11th house to play, and an upgraded gamebox!

So go fund it, get cool stuff, and support the continuing creation of good games.

-- Ariel Barkhurst


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