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July 12, 2022: Pathfinder Revolution Kickstarter Campaign Launches On Monday!


Next Monday, with your support, we're bringing the Revolution! boardgame, designed by Philip duBarry, back in a new edition. Unavailable for a few years now, Revolution! plays unlike anything else we have published. Rather than dice, cards, or other randomizers, the Revolution! game is driven by skill and your ability to read the table. With no individual turns, the action in the Revolution! boardgame resolves as every players' decisions are revealed at the same time.

For this newest edition of Revolution!, we've partnered with our friends at Paizo to bring the city of Korvosa to your tabletop in a way you've not experienced it before. Better still, this is a true new edition of Revolution . . . our development team worked from the existing Revolution! edition – and expansions! – to reconstruct the game from the ground up to refine the play and carry only our favorite mechanics into this new edition.

The Pathfinder Revolution! Kickstarter campaign has only a single stretch goal, but it is a big one: an integrated five to six player experience! If the goal is unlocked, then we will print the gameboard and bidding boards double-sided – and add the components necessary to support up to six players – making the game fully playable as either a three or four player game or a five or six player game. In the earlier edition of Revolution!, playing with five and six players required an expansion. IWe hope for enough support to simply include that option in the core game.

Your support can make this a success! Please follow the Pathfinder Revolution! Kickstarter page today and join us on Monday, July 18, when we open the project for funding.

-- Phil Reed

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