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July 16, 2022: Dice For War!


If you're a military wargamer in need of more six-sided dice, we have two sets that are great for games based on 20th-century conflicts. 

  • Army Men d6 Dice Set - A dozen dice, six each of two different colors, styled after the classic plastic toy army men that are still found today. (For those of you who need even more dice, this bagged set should cover your dice desires . . . for the moment.)
  • Bullet Dice - This pack of six double-injection six-sided dice is unlike most of the dice you're likely to see at your next wargame session. Shaped to resemble bullets, these are barrel dice that include a hexagonal brake element so that the dice don't roll forever. If you need more of these and also want a game, our Z-Shot dice game includes a dozen of these custom dice and all of the rules needed to play the game.

Of course, you can use whatever dice you like. The Kitten d6 Dice Set or Unicorn Dice would be one way to set yourself apart at your next wargaming event. If you dare . . .

-- Phil Reed


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