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July 22, 2016: New Munchkin Christmas Loot From PHD

Christmas Monster Box It's Christmas in July! Not that you could tell here; it's 100 degrees outside. But look at all this Munchkin Christmas-themed gear available from Peachstate Hobby Distributors!

What's a gamer supposed to do with all the Munchkin gifts they get during the holidays? Store them in a Munchkin Christmas Monster Box, of course! Featuring a full sleigh of art from Ian McGinty, this wintery receptacle holds over 2,000 cards, plus Dungeons, Seals, and other accessories like Kill-O-Meters. This box has so much storage that Santa is thinking of trading in his sack!

Spyke's Christmas Wish But what if you want to play with your new toys? We've got the surface to do it on -- Munchkin Playmat: Spyke's Christmas Wish. Lar deSouza (Least I Could Do) illustrates a touching scene of Santa giving Spyke what he wanted for Christmas. (Wait a second, Spyke's been good enough to get a gift? Santa must be getting lax on the whole Naughty List business.)

Talk to your friendly local game store today about preordering this holiday haul of accessories!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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