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July 25, 2004: Try Saying No To An Ogre

Look, when an Ogre Mark VI shows up in the field outside the main offices and politely requests that the miniature version of itself be sold again, are you about to say no? Neither were we. (And we would have warned Albert not to, but . . . too late now. Time to look for another intern.)

In any case, subtle methods of persuasion aside, we now have all the Ogre miniatures available again in Warehouse 23. (Enough people have already found out about our friend the Mark VI that the first batch sold through, but don't worry, we have more on the way.) You can also find more of the Off the Wall Armies miniatures, including some pieces that were never released before.

And, look, the treads are starting to kill the grass in the field, so if you could make our friend the Ogre happy and go look at the minis now, so that he'll be satisfied and go away, we'd really appreciate it. It's hard to use the parking lot when he's sitting there, and the mailman won't come by anymore.

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