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July 30, 2010: What Are We Doing At Gen Con?

Zombie Dice Sure, we're going to Gen Con. But what are we planning on doing there?

We're running a bunch of demos. I mean, a metric ton of demos. We have six tables on the exhibit hall floor (booth #1321, right next to Atlas Games, Cthulhiana Corner, and Do Gooder Press), running Zombie Dice, Cthulhu Dice, Revolution!, Munchkin's new booster expansion/demo Marked for Death, and much more. We'll have printer proofs of The Palace and Portal Kombat to play with, and prototypes of Top Secret upcoming games!

Outside the exhibit hall, the MIBs will be stationed here, there, and everywhere. They're stocked with a broad selection of our games, and are more than willing to teach any of them. They'll also be running a couple of tournaments of the Munchkin flavor.

There will of course be a slew of meetings with distributors, licensors, creative types, and other publishers who will be in Indianapolis. Business will be done.

(We'll also be hanging out with industry friends we only get to see once a year, but we don't really mention that in front of the business office.)

Hope to see you there!

-- Paul Chapman

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