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June 15, 2008: FreakAngels

Although I love comics, I'm not a fan of the "comic strip." Telling a story in three to five panel blocks tends to force the creator to use punchlines, which makes a great funny comic, but a lousy dramatic one.

Warren Ellis' latest foray into webcomics completely dodges that bullet, by releasing the story in blocks of six full-sized comic pages each week. It's a format that I fully understand may not be possible for the casual creative, but it suits my tastes perfectly.

The story is set in a flooded London, and is populated by a mysterious group known as "FreakAngels." As Ellis is wont to do, the characters speak realistically, with frequent obscenities. There's also a bit of casual nudity. Not that I mind, but warnings are good for those who click on such links at their jobs.

Oh, right, the link: FreakAngels. If you like Ellis' writing style, Day of the Triffids, or Village of the Damned, check it out.
-- Paul Chapman

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