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May 1, 2024:
(Or should that be "advoice"?) I love using different character voices at the table in my tabletop roleplaying games . . . read article

May 2, 2024:
As we begin the third week of the Munchkin Big Box crowdfunding campaign on BackerKit, we look back on the two terrific weeks that have passed so far.   As of Wednesday night we had broken $800,000 (!!!) with over 5,500 fans having made a pledge!    That means that the newest stretch goal, the Loaded Deck, has been unlocked! It will include 10 cards to combine with the already-unlocked stretch goal Loaded Die . . . read article

May 3, 2024:
I saw an online point made recently about games that I found very interesting. The thesis was this: Why do so many gamers buy new games when they probably already own so many other games? . . . read article

May 4, 2024:
Last Saturday, to be exact, on a special Austin Steam Train ride. Along with Jimmie, Randy, and Bridget, I demonstrated Express on a trip with more than 150 people . . . read article

May 5, 2024:
I came across some random notes from our household's visit at the end of March to Who's Yer Con, a local three-day Indianpolis convention that punches way above its weight class in terms of fun. However, all these notes seem to be dry-erase-marker based: "Check dry-erase markers . . . read article

May 6, 2024:
There are a ton of great tabletop and digital roleplaying games out there, but sometimes you just want to enjoy some dungeon delving, monster slaying, and treasure hunting. If that sort of thing appeals to you, consider picking up Shattered Pixel Dungeon as soon as you can . . . read article

May 7, 2024:
I can't figure out if I've shared this anecdote before; if I have, Google is failing me. But, to borrow an old quip, "Don't stop me if you've heard this one; I want to tell it again." My wife's family has a tradition at their gaming table . . . read article

May 8, 2024:
It's flashy and fun. It's colorful and vibrant . . . read article

May 9, 2024:
I take a lot of notes and visit a lot of webpages for research. I find it invaluable to be able to scoop up info from interesting pages, copy bits of code or ephemera that have proven useful, and save recipes . . . read article

May 10, 2024:
Return to the autoduel arenas of the future! Car Wars fans can now back the next part of our CARnage STL series on Kickstarter. CARnage 2 is a massive set of STL files that will allow you to 3D print dozens of Car Wars scale models: cars, crew, accessories, arena terrain, and more! The two newest cars, Meteor and Boomslang, can be printed in armed, "naked," or wrecked forms . . . read article

May 11, 2024:
Every year, Board Game Geek holds the Golden Geek Awards to celebrate the best in tabletop gaming. The awards are presented every year at the BGG.Con event in Dallas, Texas – and this year, you can help Munchkin Digital get on the podium.   That's right – not only is your favorite game of dungeon delving and backstabbing available in digital form, but it has also been nominated for Best Board Game App for 2023 . . . read article

May 12, 2024:
I'm not sure if this'll spark an interesting discussion or reveal my own idiosyncrasies, but that describes how I've approached social interactions for the past 30+ years. So, here's my query: What's a "questionable" game purchase you've made? . . . read article

May 13, 2024:
We've been so busy lately with all kinds of exciting developments (like our ultra-successful Munchkin Big Box crowdfunding event) that one interesting bit of trivia almost went uncelebrated. Namely, the 25th anniversary of Warehouse 23! . . . read article

May 14, 2024:
It's that time again – time for us to share what's coming soon to Steve Jackson Games. While it's only mid-May, we're already looking ahead to the two exciting Munchkin releases we have planned for September, and you're going to love them!   Munchkin Shadowrun is a collaboration between Steve Jackson Games and Catalyst Game Labs . . . read article

May 15, 2024:
As a writer, I'm thrilled when I get to use the lowercase version of "august," because it throws my editors for a loop every time. In entirely unrelated news, we're always honored when we make an appearance in such an august publication as Forbes . . . read article

May 16, 2024:
Our biggest crowdfunding campaign ever, by a wide margin. As I write this, it's over $1,155,000, and is about to hit 8,000 backers . . . read article

May 17, 2024:
I've been fascinated with living history since my 3rd grade class went to Hale Farm and Village to learn more 19th century life in Northeast Ohio. So when I heard about Lumberjills, a LARP about a little known aspect of World War II history, I was intrigued.    Lumberjills is based on the Women's Timber Corps . . . read article

May 18, 2024:
You know what's a quick-and-easy snack for the gaming table? Chicken nuggets – or "nugs," as those in the "stuffing one's face with breaded poultry morsels" industry put it . . . read article

May 19, 2024:
I recently shared a story about a post-game ritual of my wife's family. While writing that one, I thought of another possibility that's not quite as widely implemented, but has been done at our gaming table sometimes to decent effect: If you plan to enjoy an afternoon or evening of multiple games, with the expectation of doing several different ones during that time frame, then consider letting the loser choose the next game . . . read article

May 20, 2024:
There are certain parts of modern gaming that are commonplace nowadays but nearly unheard of when I started. Like playmats . . . read article

May 21, 2024:
CARnage 2, the sequel to the first CARnage STL set, is now live on Kickstarter!    The files for CARnage 2 contain an unbelievable amount of new cars, terrain, accessories, and more, and they are compatible with all Car Wars 6th Edition games. We are excited to announce that the first stretch goal has been unlocked!    We previewed the venture on our Daily Illuminator last week, and now you can learn even more about this exciting project by watching the amazing videos below.    Several of our friends have hosted streams during which they painted cars from CARnage 2, and we would like to share a few with you.   The Band of Badgers, based in the United Kingdom, have already completed three streams, and one featured Will from the SJ Games team! . . . read article

May 22, 2024:
Welcome to Atlantropa-1, a timeline where the mega-project to dam the Mediterranean and create 250,000 square miles for settlement came to fruition. And thus new land, new sources of energy, and new geopolitical problems became the norm . . . read article

May 23, 2024:
Am I alone in taking inventory of new games as I open 'em? When I'm enjoying that new-game smell, I'll generally do a quick count of the cards, parts, etc., and compare them with the parts list in the game itself . . . read article

May 24, 2024:
This morning I head to England for, among other things, the UK Games Exposition. My first visit! . . . read article

May 25, 2024:
The BGG.Spring convention is now through May 27th at the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport, and we have some fun news.   Our friend Nathaniel has organized Those About to Die, Salut You - The Fantasy Trip Tournament at 10:00am on Saturday for a chance to win some great prizes from Steve Jackson Games.   You can sign up for this and other great events here.   If you have a chance to participate, send us an email after and tell us all about your experience!  -- Michelle Richardson . . . read article

May 26, 2024:
As a writer and editor, I realize I'm having a hard time keeping up with recent history. By which I mean, I can conjure what life was like in – say – the 1950s, or the 1970s, or the 1990s with vivid clarity . . . read article

May 27, 2024:
I'm a community-theater geek (insert joke about "being dramatic" here). At the end of most shows, I've given a memento to the cast and crew . . . read article

May 28, 2024:
I got my start professionally in the gaming world by working for Cosmic Cat Comics & Games in Tallahassee, Florida, during my college years. A fixture of Florida's panhandle for 37 years, the shop continued to evolve as the volatile hobby world did . . . read article

May 29, 2024:
While we are still 7 months away from Christmas, it is never too early to start planning for gifts. We have two fun, easy family games to last all season! . . . read article

May 30, 2024:
A while back, I mentioned the idea of inventing a new sauce for each game session, for chicken nugs or other dippable foods. Forum frequenter johndallman had a great idea: soup! . . . read article

May 31, 2024:
A recent Forbes article discussed boardgames that might appeal to fans of the Mad Max film franchise. Car Wars got a shout-out, as did Gaslands and a few other titles that feature some combination of apocalyptic wastelands and vehicular combat. I was honestly surprised to see how many of them are out there.   While there are plenty of tabletop games that make use of licensed IP, I'm curious about what other games could appeal to fans of film franchises without the need for specific branding. Lord of the Rings fans would probably enjoy Pathfinder, of course, but what about people who love the Jaws, Terminator, or James Bond films? . . . read article

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