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November 20, 2006: I Was Coming Unhinged . . .

Well, my PowerBook was, and most of my brain is in that little titanium case these days. But it turns out that the hinges on that model of PowerBook are prone to failure. One of mine just plain broke, which meant the other one was getting lots of extra strain. And the computer is more than three years old, and therefore out of Apple warranty.

It turns out there's someone who specializes in that repair, though. I sent it off to MacService, and it came back almost as quickly as expected (shipped Monday night, had it back Thursday afternoon). It seems to be good as new, with a year's warranty on the repair. So, happy SJ. I just wish they hadn't left a sponge in the patient . . . there's a strip of metal (?) now visible behind my Apple light.
-- Steve Jackson

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