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November 26, 2018: Munchkin Collectible Card Game: Grave Danger Release Events!

Release events for the new expansion to the Munchkin Collectible Card Game, Grave Danger, will be November 30 - December 2, 2018.

More fun than a barrel of mummies!! Stores across the U.S. and Canada will be hosting events ranging from drafts and constructed tournaments to learn-to-play events – there's something for everyone!

Prizes will include: Beetle Wanderer Draft Heroes and alternate-art promo cards for Soccer Mummy, Divine Intervention, and Holy Groundskeeper.

As an extra bonus . . . we'll also be running a social media contest during this weekend! Post a photo of you at one of these events to your favorite social media site with #PlayMunchkinCCG and #GraveDanger – and you'll be entered to win a set of Munchkin Collectible Card Game Hero Pins and Shiny Hero Cards.

Find all the locations here, and be sure to call your store to find out the date and time of your event! Happy Munchkin-ing!

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