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October 1, 2006:
We don't normally post auction announcements in the Illuminator, but then again, we don't normally have auctions this nifty - a copy of the limited edition Infernal version of the In Nomine core book. This hardcover volume sports a black faux-leather finish with a red foil design . . . read article

October 2, 2006:
Connie Willis. Ever since then, I've been hearing how excellent it was, and telling myself that I really ought to read it . . . read article

October 3, 2006:
We just had an incident that brought home how long we've been doing this game-publishing stuff. I'm pulling together a stack of representative GURPS books to ship to Lucca for the exhibit at the comic fair . . . read article

October 4, 2006:
No, this is not an obituary, though that's probably in the offing. The word in the blogosphere is that Wilson - who, with Robert Shea, wrote the "Illuminatus" trilogy that inspired me to create the Illuminati game - is dying . . . read article

October 5, 2006:
And what would we all do, if tomorrow they actually got this working? Read the CNN story . . . read article

October 6, 2006:
For a site called The Mind of James Donohue, there's certainly a heavy concentration on Aaron C. Donohue, psychic extraordinaire . . . read article

October 7, 2006:
Once upon a time, we would occasionally visit the University of Texas gaming club with playtest stuff. We got some good feedback . . . read article

October 8, 2006:
This is not a regular help-wanted announcement. Normally, before we invite applications, we post a specific job description . . . read article

October 9, 2006:
Bob Tucker passed away Friday, October 6. He was 91, approaching his 92nd birthday . . . read article

October 10, 2006:
November. The Royal Society's information site says: "The archive contains seminal research papers including accounts of Michael Faraday's groundbreaking series of electrical experiments, Isaac Newton's invention of the reflecting telescope, and the first research paper published by Stephen Hawking . . . read article

October 11, 2006:
I'm not just saying that because he used it to roll marbles around . . . read article

October 12, 2006:
Arr! I thinks he'd get hisself some o' th' stuff at Lost Mountain Clayworks . . . read article

October 13, 2006:
You can have it next time, if you follow the rules. -- Suggested by Nicholas Vacek . . . read article

October 14, 2006:
Well . . . no. But the creator of the stories behind GURPS Uplift is part of the genius-level cast of this new History Channel show . . . read article

October 15, 2006:
Fall's here, and it's possible to work on the landscape without actually collapsing and dying with the trowel still in our hand. We went to the Native Plant Sale at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and picked up a lot of sage, native grasses, and flowering perennials . . . read article

October 16, 2006:
A few days ago, Howard Tayler (Schlock Mercenary) was in Austin to speak at a computer convention. So we got together, made some evil plans, and playtested some games . . . read article

October 17, 2006:
Check out Anders Sandberg's Warning Signs for Tomorrow. The graphics, while spiffy, are just the hook on which he hangs a very interesting essay . . . read article

October 18, 2006:
Because it makes it possible for us to read reviews of a book of random numbers . . . read article

October 19, 2006:
Yesterday was not a good day for me. I was the victim of an assault and robbery in my own neighborhood - though not, I believe, by neighbors! . . . read article

October 20, 2006:
Further progress on the invisibility front. Read the AP story . . . read article

October 21, 2006:
A favorite feature of the print version of Pyramid was the Q&A columns with GURPS' great guru, Dr. Kromm . . . read article

October 22, 2006:
The FDA has hardened its ban on the importation of that hazardous, drug-laced substance . . . Vegemite . . . read article

October 23, 2006:
Remember the story of the Canadian contract whose meaning turned on a comma? Here's a new twist, as reported in the Globe and Mail . . . read article

October 24, 2006:
Even if you don't think you want to make a Cylon jack o'lantern, any site named Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories is certainly worth a look! . . . read article

October 25, 2006:
Last weekend, I headed over the Fort Wayne, Indiana, to attend the Alliance Open House. Much schmoozing was . . . schmoozed, I guess, and games were played -- King's Blood and Cowpoker, as well as playtest sets of Munchkin Cthulhu and Evil Ted . . . read article

October 26, 2006:
This is the latest release from Steve Jackson Games, now (or very close to now) on the shelves of a game store near you: Super Munchkin 2 - The Narrow S Cape There comes a time in every munchkin's career when he's taken on more than he can handle, bitten off more than he can chew, gotten in over his head. So run away! . . . read article

October 27, 2006:
The new edition of GURPS Ultra-Tech is supposed to go to the printers Friday, and frankly, it doesn't look like it will make it, but the delay won't be huge. This is supposd to be a January release . . . okay, at this rate, late January, but still January . . . read article

October 28, 2006:
Happy Hallowe'en, though it may be less happy with the pictures from Ghoststudy.com keeping you up nights . . . read article

October 29, 2006:
If you're reading this on Sunday 29 October, ask yourself: did you get all the clocks? Actually, if you're reading this any time in November, you may want to ask yourself that question anyway . . . read article

October 30, 2006:
Monica and I left Austin on Sunday morning, bound for the Lucca Comics and Games Convention in Lucca, Italy. We're looking forward very much to the next week! . . . read article

October 31, 2006:
What do Korean, Interlingua, Lithuanian, and now Italian have in common? That's right -- GURPS Lite for Fourth Edition has been translated into all four! . . . read article

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