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October 20, 2016: Comic Promo And Cards With W23 Orders

[Brown Nose]

[Dominant Genie]

What do you call a cool free thing inside a cool free thing? A metacoolfreething? A 4-D cool free thing? A baby kangacoolfreething?

There's too many choices. Let's just call these cards-in-a-comic-in-an-order "a Munchkin comics promo on Warehouse 23."

Right now, and until supplies run out, you can get two short and sweet Munchkin comics from BOOM! Studios with any order of physical items from Warehouse 23. 

But there's a twist. There are also two cards – Hireling: Brown Nose and the Dominant Genie. The nose is in a lot more limited supply than the genie. So if you want to be sure to get your very own free, sentient floating nose, you'd best buy something now.

Genies will still get included in comic orders when noses run out. Now, if you're in public, please read that last sentence out loud with enough volume to be heard across the room. (Just kidding. Don't do that, you'll make Munchkin fans look like crazy people.)

Did we mention that the comics are short tales about the creatures on the cards? The Dominant Genie story involves a clever Flower outwitting a less clever Elf and Gnome after they discover a magic lamp. The Brown Nose comic is a little more informational; it's an introduction to the biology and habits of the proud floating-nose people. Very helpful.

Click here to order some cool stuff, and get free stuff thrown in, today! 

-- Ariel Barkhurst

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