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October 22, 2016: Sign Up For The Holiday Retail Kit!

Holiday Retail Kit

Want your favorite friendly local game store to get even cooler? Have them sign up for our Holiday Retail Kit!

We like to give away things to improve game stores' standing on the coolness ladder – just like this Holiday Retail Kit! Store owners and managers can sign up to receive a collection of exclusive cards, unique bookmarks, a demo game, and a handful of posters.

If you play your cards right (heh), you could end up with some of these goodies! Especially if you are free on November 19, 2016. We are inviting every store that receives these kits to hold a #PlayMunchkin Event where people can play Munchkin and win these promotional cards, bookmarks . . . and potentially posters, if you're nice enough to the store owner!

-- Joshua Surfus

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