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September 1, 2005: Sorting Things Out

It's Wednesday evening as I write this. I landed Tuesday at about 7. My bags just now caught up with me. American Airlines mislaid them for a few hours, and then their Austin delivery service futzed around for almost a full day. Not only did they ignore the written instruction to leave the bags on the porch, but they phoned twice and left "please call us" messages with no callback number. THANK you, American Airlines, for hiring such sharp help!

Other than THAT . . .

I'm back. I'm alive. I haven't set foot in the office yet, but I'm at least caught up with e-mail. The lawn did not die while I was gone, and as far as I know, neither did any of the staff. Now we return to this week's episode of "Buy A New Building," already in progress.
-- Steve Jackson

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