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September 14, 2006: The Down Side Of Thinking Ahead

I try to think about upcoming Munchkin releases at least a year ahead. In today's uncertain market, there's one thing we're absolutely sure of . . . you want more Munchkin stuff and you want it now.

Happy to oblige. But sometimes it snaps my brain a little bit.

For instance: I've been finished with Super Munchkin 2 - The Narrow S Cape for many months. At Worldcon, I kept talking about it as though it were already out. But this hurt the brains of the people I was talking to, for in fact the printers aren't quite through with it yet.

And the Munchkin Impossible cards just went to print this evening. We plan to have that game in stores by Thanksgiving. But my brain is already on Munchkin Cthulhu - almost through with it, in fact, except for wrapping up which of the alternate Cultist class powers to use. And now I'm making lists of cards for the next one, which is **Ha, ha! You thought I was going to tell you what was next! No!**

So if you see me at a convention and I talk about a Munchkin set you haven't seen yet, don't correct me. Play along and see if you can get me to leak some info you're not supposed to know. It serves me right.
-- Steve Jackson

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