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September 1, 2018:
Charity isn't just about getting rid of your extra cards at the end of the turn. It's also about helping those in need . . . read article

September 2, 2018:
The Kickstarter project closed last month with more than 3,000 backers and over $300,000 in support, with every stretch goal unlocked and the final Legacy Edition box so overloaded that we've expanded its size and upgraded the materials in its construction (which was a stretch goal). We're now at work preparing the final files – to release as PDFs to the project supporters next month – while assembling our plans for the game in 2019 . . . read article

September 3, 2018:
Do you need graph paper? Who are we kidding? . . . read article

September 4, 2018:
Pack your bags! One of the most beautiful cities in history is a download away, with GURPS Hot Spots: Renaissance Venice . . . read article

September 5, 2018:
It's time to shoot for the stars – Munchkin Starfinder is in stores now! This new version mixes classic Munchkin gameplay with the awesome world of Paizo's hit Starfinder RPGMunchkin Starfinder is available as a standard core-sized game, but you can show your mettle and go all-out with the I Want It All box as well . . . read article

September 6, 2018:
Hey, you. Are you reading this? . . . read article

September 7, 2018:
Most of my time is still going into Fantasy Trip work. Over the past week or so: • We got Melee and Wizard completely ready for press . . . read article

September 8, 2018:
In addition to his amazing Munchkin work, John Kovalic has a plethora of quality projects, like Dork Tower (his long-running webcomic for nerds, about nerds). He runs a Patreon to help support, and get fan feedback on, these projects . . . read article

September 9, 2018:
A recent report from Lisa in our business office has information that's as entertaining as it is valuable – our top sellers (by unit) for the first half of the year! These are ranked by total units sold, across all channels, and the list is dominated by both the classic Munchkin card game – which continues to reach new players every year! – and the new Munchkin Collectible Card GameMunchkin Deluxe Munchkin Collectible Card Game Starter - Cleric & Thief Munchkin Collectible Card Game Starter - Wizard & Bard Munchkin Collectible Card Game Starter - Ranger & Warrior Munchkin Munchkin Collectible Card Game Booster Display Munchkin 2 - Unnatural Axe Zombie Dice Munchkin 3 - Clerical Errors Munchkin Mass Market Edition A combination of in-store events, convention demos, and the chance to try a new two-player Munchkin game has kept the Munchkin Collectible Card Game in our list of top sellers for the year, and the recent release of the Fashion Furious and Phat Pack expansions is sure to keep the game rolling forward as our team wraps up work on next year's new fixed starter sets . . . read article

September 10, 2018:
We have released three Ogre Miniatures titles for sale on Warehouse 23:  Ogre Battle Box – Also available in stores, this is a big box including dozens of minis, rules, and a map. Ogre Many Minis – This limited set is for those who want a lot of miniatures. It includes the Ogre Battle Box, making this a playable game as well as an admission of an addiction (if you grab one of these, you may like miniatures). Ogre Miniatures Set 2 – A companion to last year's Ogre Miniatures Set 1 release, this comes polybagged and is not marked for retail sale . . . read article

September 11, 2018:
As we started preparing Munchkin Starfinder for distribution release, the numbers came in higher than expected, leaving us short and forcing us to allocate the supply. We still have copies of the big Munchkin Starfinder "I Want It All!" box, but the core game will be out-of-stock at our primary warehouse until early next year . . . read article

September 12, 2018:
Don't worry if your passport's not current; we've got you covered! We celebrate the GURPS Hot Spots series – and especially the newly released GURPS Hot Spots: Renaissance Venice – with Pyramid #3/117: Hot Spots . . . read article

September 13, 2018:
We haven't released a lot of details about the Munchkin Party Pack yet, but that will change soon. While you're waiting, we wanted to at least tell you what cards are included . . . if not what they are or what they do . . . read article

September 14, 2018:
Did you miss out on the Kickstarter project? Well, now's your chance to preorder The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition to guarantee that this massive, jam-packed roleplaying game box will land on your gaming table next year . . . read article

September 15, 2018:
Remember the bit in Superman: The Motion Picture about the Earth made to orbit the wrong way? Where do people get these patently absurd . . . what? . . . read article

September 16, 2018:
Given the success of last year's Ogrezine project, it's time to bring more Ogre articles online – so we have, with Ogrezine 2, a new Kickstarter project that has already met its funding goal! If you're unfamiliar with the original Ogrezine project, the TL;DR version of events boils down to: We ran a Kickstarter project . . . read article

September 17, 2018:
We've been so pleased by the reaction to Munchkin Warhammer 40,000. We knew it was a perfect match, and we're glad that so many of you feel the same way . . . read article

September 18, 2018:
Munchkin Crazy Cooks is a fine game on its own, but sometimes you really want a combo plate of Munchkin fun. Mashing up isn't just for potatoes! . . . read article

September 19, 2018:
We've been using Kickstarter very regularly for the past few months, and thanks to your support, some projects have gotten bigger and better . . . and a couple of them are still growing. To recap - • Ogrezine 2, a sequel to last year's Ogrezine, is active on Kickstarter right now . . . read article

September 20, 2018:
Has your cooking gotten cra-a-a-azy yet? If not, you clearly haven't picked up Munchkin Crazy Cooks from Barnes & Noble (or ordered it from their website) . . . read article

September 21, 2018:
Want to know more about the upcoming Munchkin Party Pack? You're in luck: we've posted my Designer's Notes, talking about where the idea came from, why we did what we did, and how we snuck a duck into the party . . . read article

September 22, 2018:
With the Ogrezine 2 project past its funding goal and set to close next week, we're actively on the hunt for more Ogre articles and scenarios. If you've ever had a fabulous idea for Ogre, now's your chance to show us your skills! . . . read article

September 23, 2018:
Munchkin Side Quests hit stores recently, and like many of our Munchkin mini-expansions, it's the perfect addition to any game. However, it's a unique expansion, as it adds a brand new deck to your game, with new end-game conditions . . . read article

September 24, 2018:
If you missed out on the Munchkin Unicorns and Friends Kickstarter campaign, there's still time to preorder this new Munchkin expansion before it is loaded onto the boat. In just a few days, we'll close the BackerKit preorders, and shortly after that, the expansion will start its journey from Hong Kong to our fulfillment partner in Michigan . . . read article

September 25, 2018:
The Fantasy Trip project may have closed on Kickstarter over a month ago, but that hasn't stopped project supporters from continuing to unlock new goals expanding the amount of new stuff packed into the Legacy Edition box. And until October 1, you can help make The Fantasy Trip even bigger and heavier!  All new preorders for the game get us closer to the next financial goal on BackerKit: If we raise $160,000 in BackerKit before October 1, we will add The Fantasy Trip Pocket Folder (Style C) to the Legacy Edition box . . . read article

September 26, 2018:
Fall has . . . fallen . . . which doesn't mean much in Austin except that most of our days are only in the 90s instead of the 100s. This month, we have a couple of updates and our year-end shopping reminder. Munchkin Starfinder (in both streamlined base game and overstuffed I Want It All! versions) is on store shelves now . . . read article

September 27, 2018:
As part of our ongoing GURPS on Demand initiative, we have released five more GURPS books in print-on-demand softcovers: GURPS Autoduel GURPS Black Ops GURPS Steampunk GURPS Steam-Tech GURPS WW II: Weird War II These join over a dozen other GURPS titles again in print, making it easier than ever to track down GURPS books to add to your gaming library. And, better yet, we have another dozen books planned for release before the end of the year! . . . read article

September 28, 2018:
Ogre fans, today is your last chance to join in on the Ogrezine 2 Kickstarter project. This latest release in the series brings new Ogre articles to the web, expanding the library of Ogre articles and scenarios already online . . . read article

September 29, 2018:
The Munchkin Party Pack is half new mini-expansion, half Munchkin cards for you to use as party favors. It's coming this November to your friendly local game store and to Warehouse 23 . . . read article

September 30, 2018:
On October 5th and 6th, I'll be at TsunamiCon in Wichita, Kansas, running Melee and Wizard demos as part of our promotion for The Fantasy Trip returning to stores in 2019. (Did you miss out on the Kickstarter project? . . . read article

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