Following is a collection of suggested new groups for Illuminati, contributed by users of this BBS over the past few millennia. Sadly, the names of most of the original contributors are classified at a level far too high for anybody, including your sjsops, to find out who is guilty of which particular revelation . . . Thanks to Bob Schroeck for locating and compiling this information.

No guarantees are made as to the quality and/or playability of any of these groups. Try them at your own risk. Fnord.

Illuminati Groups:

US GOVERNMENT P 8/8 I 10 +4 to control Government Groups, +4 to destroy Communist groups Win: control six government groups USSR P 8/8 I 10 +4 to contol Communist groups, +4 to destroy Government groups Win: control six communist groups OPEC P 7/7 I 12 Money amount doubled when defending OPEC property (whatever *that* is supposed to mean) Win: collect 150 MB, like the Gnomes THE CHURCH P 8/8 I 10 +4 to control Peaceful Groups Win: collect 8 peaceful groups TOYS 'R' US P 7/7 I 9 May freely shift money at the end of the turn Win: Collect 100 MB and destroy three groups WITCHES P 9/9 I 9 1 automatic win brainwash per turn Win: Must collect 3 weird and 3 violent groups (must not be the same group; i.e., a Violent Weird group counts as only one of the two alignments, not both)

Special Action Cards


This card, when given to a player, causes said player to laugh hysterically, as though this were the special card he has been waiting for all his life. Useable any number of times, but may notbe traded in for a privileged attack.


This card has no use whatsoever and therefore is not useable once. Its use does not count as an action.


(Must be played on a person about to make a die roll.) The Men In Black come to your house and terrorize you. Add two to the die roll you are about to make. Useable only once; does not count as an action, but must be used as part of an action.


Subtract one from your next die roll. Has no effect on Murphy's Law.


Theis card allows a player to take over another's Illuminati for one turn. The player making the takeover may take any action except for dissolving the controlled Illuminati.


This card may be used to collect 10 MB form the bank at any time, placeable in any treasury. Useable once, after which it must be discarded. Does not count as an action.

And now for all the controllable groups . . . (Odd coincidence, this first batch, but appropriate. As far as I can tell, these are originally from December 1986.)

Carolers – 0 out P 0 R 5 I 0 Peaceful Weird Fanatic Department Stores – 2 out +4 to directly control Crazed Consumers and Christmas Shoppers P 3/1 R 4 I 6 Crazed Consumers – 0 out P 0 R 2 I 3 Weird Fanatic Christmas Shoppers – 0 out P 0 R 1 I 0 (after Christmas only; 4 any other time) Christmas TV Specials – 1 out +4 to Control TV during Christmas season P 4 R 1 I 4 Weird (This would also count as a media group for Expansion Set 3.) Public TV – 1 out Twice per game may get 1 MB from every player through Fund Raising telethons. (Alternately, the owning player rolls a die every turn. Each time it rolls a 6, Public TV is running a fund raiser and it gets money as above.) P 1 R 6 I 0 (but see above) (counts as a media group) (I have altered this from what was originally posted to make for what I hope is a more interesting group – RMS) Nerds – 1 out +3 to control Weird groups, +6 if a member of The Network P 1/2 R 3 I 0 Weird UIL – 2 out P 2 R 6 I 1 Straight Conservative Theatre Groups – 1 out +1 to neutralize Straight or Conservative groups P 1 R 3 I 1 Weird (counts as a media group) Horror Films – 3 out +2 to control Teenagers P 3 R 4 I 5 Weird Violent (media group) Beastie Boys – 2 out +2 to destroy Moral Minority and Fundamentalists P 1 R 4 I 3 Weird Violent Criminal Poets – 0 out P 0 R 1 I 1 Weird Peaceful Liberal Supernatural Business Machines – 3 out P 5 R 7 I 6 Ghostbusters – 1 out +4 to destroy Supernatural Business Machines P 1 R 5 I 1 Violent Weird Vegetarians – 1 out P 1 R 5 I 1 Peaceful Fanatic New Jersey – 2 out P 4 R 5 I 5 Criminal Government Violent Seventh Day Adventurers – 1 out P 2 R 7 I 3 Violent Fanatic Jack Stevenson Games – 3 out +4 to control S.M.O.F., Science Fiction Fans, Wargamers, Seventh Day Adventurers, and Teenagers P 1 R 1 I 1 Fanatic Weird TV Evangelists – 2 out P 2 R 6 I 4 Fanatic Straight Conservative (media group) Elvis Parsley Fans – 0 out P 0 R 5 I 2 Fanatic Nuclear Weapons – 0 out P 0/4 R 8 I 0 Violent (revised from the version originally posted, which made no sense) Stamp Collectors – 0 out P 0 R 3 I 1 Peaceful Fanatics Television – 3 out +4 to directly control Teenagers P 7 R 5 I 8 (Media group) (Madison Avenue should have a +1 or +2 to directly control TV.) Teenagers – 0 out P 0/2 R 1 I 2 Liberal Weird Game Shows – 1 out P 1 R 3 I 5 Conservative Weird Fanatic (media group) Hackers – 1 out +1 to control Robot Sea Monsters and Orbital Mind Control Lasers, +3 to control Video games; but +3 to be controlled by The Network. P 1/2 R 4 I 2 Weird Las Vegas – 2 out Power: 1, maybe 2 Resistance: 4 Income: Special. See below.

Las Vegas has its own income of 1. However, any player may "visit Las Vegas" and bet some of his money once per turn. This does not count as an action. The betting player places his bet, then rolls the dice. If he rolls a 7 or 11, he wins the amount bet from the player who owns Las Vegas. If he rolls a 2, 3, or 12, he loses the amount bet to Las Vegas. If he rolls any other number that is his "point." (This action occurs just after the player turns his card and before brainwashing or any "normal" action.) He continues with his turn, but keeps track of his point. If he or any other player rolls a 7 before this "point" is rolled again, the bettor loses. If the point is rolled before a 7 comes up, the bettor wins.

All money must come from either Las Vegas or Illuminated groups. If the bettor wins more than the player controlling Las Vegas has on both LV and his Illuminati combined, he has broken the bank and Las Vegas is neutralized.

(by Fearless Leader)

Swingers – 0 out P 0 R 5 I 2 Weird Liberal Perverts International – 1 out P 1 R 5 I 0 Weird Criminal Fanatic Adult Book Stores – 1 out +2 for direct control of Girlie Magazines, Swingers, and Perverts International P 1 R 2 I 2 Weird Liberal Realtors – 1 out P 3 R 3 I 5 Straight W.A.S.T.E. – 2 out +3 to neturalize or destroy the Post Office P 1/3 R 9 I 1 Weird Astrologers – 0 out +3 for control of Congressional Wives (for those who have the Deluxe Edition) P 0/1 R 5 I 3 Yuppies – 2 out P 2 R 2 I 4 Straight Malls – 1 out +1 to any attempt to destroy Convenience Stores P 1 R 6 I 4 Peaceful NATO – 3 out +4 to control or neturalize Nuclear Weapons P 5 R 4 I 1 Straight Government Violent Thuggee – 1 out +1 to any attempt to destroy P 2 R 7 I 1 Violent Criminal Fanatic 3-H – 0 out P 0 R 4 I 1 straight Future Farmhands of America – 1 out P 1 R 5 I 1 Straight Conservative Saturday Morning Cartoons – 0 out P 0/1 R 1 I 2 Violent (counts as a media group) Amusement Parks – 1 out P 1 R 2 I 2 Wilt Dizney Enterprizes – 2 out +2 for direct control of Saturday Morning Cartoons and Amusement Parks P 6 R 5 I 5 Straight Muzak Television – 1 out +1 for direct control of Yuppies and Teenagers P 2 R 1 I 3 Liberal (counts as a media group) NASA – 2 out +3 for control, neutralization or Destruction of Orbital Mind Control Lasers and Mad Scientists, +2 for control of L-4 Society P 5 R 7 I 2 Straight, Government CompuSwerve – 2 out +2 for direct control of Hackers and Nerds; +2 to be taken over by The Network P 3/1 R 5 I 3 Weird (counts as a media group) Antarctic Liberation Front – 0 out (If Silly alignment is used, +1 to any attempt to control Silly groups) P 0/2 R 7 I 1 Weird Peaceful Fanatic (and Silly if used with the British Illuminati) The Democratic But Slightly Fish-Oriented Party – 1 out (+1 to any attempt to control Fish) P 1 R 6 I 0 Weird Government (and Silly if used with the British Illuminati) LaRoachies – 0 out +3 to any attempt to destroy Intellectuals, and Liberal and Communist groups. P 0 R 10 I 3 (Special: The owning player may choose to roll one die during income phase. If the roll is 5 or 6, their income is *tripled* from a successful credit card fraud. If, however, 1 is rolled, the group is automatically neutralized as the cops catch them at it and move in.) Supermarket Tabloids – 1 out P 1 R 0 I 4 Weird (and Silly if used with the British Illuminati) (counts as a media group) Silicon Valley – 2 out +1 for direct control of CompuSwerve, Hackers, Mad Scientists, NASA, Robot Sea Monsters, and Orbital Mind Control Lasers P 2 R 5 I 5 Princeton University Alumni – 2 out +1 for direct control of Madison Avenue and Multinational Oil Companies P 5 R 7 I 6 Conservative Straight Concerned Reactionary Alumni of Princeton – 0 out P 0 R 7 I 1 Conservative Straight Fanatic Princeton University – 2 out +3 for direct control of Princeton University Alumni and Preppies +1 for any attempt to control Intellectuals and Multinational Oil Companies P 4 R 7 I 5 Conservative Student Activists – 1 out P 1 R 5 I 0 Liberal Weird Fanatic Housewives (both male and female) – 1 out P 1 R 4 (2 to Big Media) I 2 (by Bob Schroeck) Supermarkets – 2 out +2 for direct control of Housewives P 2 R 2 I 5 Straight (by Bob Schroeck) Soap Operas – 2 out +2 for direct control of Housewives P 2/1 R 4 I 4 Straight Liberal (by Bob Schroeck) Proctle and Gamber – 3 out +3 for direct control of Soap Operas P 5 R 6 (R 2 if attacked by the Reformed Church of Satan or the Moonies) I 5 The logo is a man-in-the-moon and 13 stars! (by Bob Schroeck) Builderberg Conference – 2 out +1 to any attempt to control the Triliberal Commission P 4/1 R 7 I 2 Liberal (by Bob Schroeck) Publisher's Clearinghouse – 1 out P 1/1 R 6 I 1 (Special; see below)

Money on Publisher's Clearinghouse cannot be transferred out of the group's treasury, although money may be transferred in. However, it can still be used for defense, or to fund an attack, and it counts against monetary win conditions (Gnomes of Zurich, Toys 'R' Us). In addition, any time a player rolls a natural 12 (Murphy's Law does not apply here!) he wins the "Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes", and all money in the group's treasury, except for 1 MB, is given to that player. If there is only 1 MB in the treasury, he wins nothing. He must place this money in either his Illuminati treasury, or that of the group making the attack for which the roll was made. (This is one way for the owning player to move cash out of the group!)

(by Bob Schroeck)

Psi Terrorists – 1 out P 1/0 (Special; see below) R 8 I 0 Criminal Weird

The Psi Terrorists are an organization of psionics trying to become an Illuminati group by mass domination of minds. One technique they have developed is that of using controlled minds to boost their own power. For every group in the power structure growing out of the Psi Terrorists card, the Psi Terrorists gain one point of power. For every two points of power they have, the Psi Terrorists gain one point of transferrable power.

by Bob Schroeck)

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