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In Nomine: Feast of Blades – Cover

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In Nomine: Feast of Blades

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Written by S. John Ross + Additional material by Elizabeth McCoy and Eric Burns
Edited by Elizabeth McCoy + Illustrated by Dan Smith

46 pages. PDF. + Price $9.00 + Stock number 37-3342
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A crowded airport. A horrific crash. A deranged passenger who thinks he controls demons. And, above and beneath it all, weaving throughout the carnage like some malevolent snake, are secrets. Secrets on top of secrets, some better left unspoken, others in desperate need of exposure . . .

Feast of Blades is a complete adventure for In Nomine, designed for beginning level celestials (or even human servants) of either side. Secrets, after all are a double-edged knife that can harm those who fight for Good or for Evil . . . depending on how they are wielded . . .

Feast of Blades was originally included in the In Nomine GM Screen, now long out of print. This version has been revised by In Nomine Line Editor Beth McCoy, who has updated the Superiors introduced in this adventure to match later books in the In Nomine line, and added complete GURPS In Nomine stats for all NPCs in the adventure.


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  • Character sheets for In Nomine, provided by Tafka J.
  • Discuss In Nomine in the Steve Jackson Games Forums.
  • Feast of Blades was originally a printed adventure included with a GM screen: check out the Game Master Pack for more information.


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