Steve Jackson Games In Nomine

ERRATA – In Nomine (Second Printing) – Updated July 23, 2010

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Throughout: Note the singular and plural forms of: Shedite (singular); Shedim (plural); Malakite (singular); Malakim (plural).

P. 46. Note: This is a revision to a previous erratum. Delete: Paul also gets to add in his Corporeal Forces.

Add a page reference to his example: "See Corporeal Combat, p. 62."

New! P. 49. In the second paragraph below "Changing Between Vessels: Change to: "Changing vessels causes disturbance (see p. 54) equal to the owner's total Forces. To switch forms, spend 1 Essence. The celestial seems to shift and change shape over a period of one round, taking the new form. The new vessel may act on the next round."

New! P. 55. Under Entering/Leaving the Corporeal Plane, change the last sentence to: "The same is true for assuming celestial form on Earth without actually leaving the corporeal plane, or when changing vessels (see p. 49)."

P. 62. Note: This is a revision to a previous erratum. Replace the second paragraph of Corporeal Combat with the following:

A bare-handed attack is rolled against (Strength + Corporeal Forces), plus any Fighting skill (see p. 75). A contact weapon attack adds the weapon skill instead of Fighting; Precision-based attacks use Precision instead of Strength. (Ranged weapons do not add Corporeal Forces.) Many weapons affect your roll to hit, or the damage done, or both. See Resolving Attacks, p. 66.

In the fourth paragraph (beginning "Physical Damage is measured . . ."), delete the last sentence (which is now redundant) and replace it with: "(Kyriotates use their host's Corporeal Forces as "vessel level.")"

P. 71. Holy or Unholy Bullets in a Holy or Unholy Pistol, respectively, will do hits equal to the check digit of the hit plus the Power of the pistol. Since the Power of the pistol is its Resource level times the check digit, the final damage calculation is check digit times (Resource level + 1).

New! P. 78. Change the second paragraph under SONGS to: "Most Songs come in three versions: Corporeal, Ethereal, and Celestial. Knowing an entire suite of a type of Song is helpful; if you know two versions, you have a +1 to your check digit when you successfully perform either. If you know all three, you have a +2! (For modifiers to skill, see p. 47.)"

P. 79. The range of the Ethereal Dreams song is the target's dreamscape.

P. 108. Under Choir and Servitor Attunements, insert the following paragraph between the last two paragraphs:

As with Distinctions (below), Servitor and Choir Attunements may be granted to angels who serve other Words. Because they are crafted from the intersection of Choir nature and Archangel's Word, Choir Attunements of other Archangels may only be granted to the matching Choir. (E.g., a Laurencian Seraph is not sufficiently in harmony with the Word of War to be granted the Malakite of War Choir Attunement. However, the Seraph of War attunement harmonizes with his Choir nature.) This costs 10 points for a Servitor Attunement or 5 for a Choir Attunement - if the GM permits it at all!

P. 113. Under Master of the Granite Hand, end the section with "(see Superiors 1, p. 9)."

P. 114. Dominic's Mercurians of Judgement should have a (restricted) tag.

P. 119. Replace the paragraph under Vassal of Fire with:

A Vassal of Fire may strengthen or reduce any normal fire anywhere in sight by the strength of thought alone. He can contain a fire within the area of effect, letting it burn out without spreading, or he can cause it to burn faster and leap higher. The fire can be made to grow by one yard in radius every two full rounds, or leap upward to a height equal to its current radius. More detailed control isn't possible. This power persists as long as the angel concentrates on it, and can cover an area up to ten yards in diameter.

P. 127. Under Kyriotates, replace the last two sentences in the second paragraph with, "The Role is free, but if its Status would be greater than its level, the GM may require the Role to be increased with character points. The body is a vessel/1, but may be improved normally with character points." Replace the last paragraph with following:

Other hosts may be possessed at the same time, using normal Kyriotate rules, but the angel can't abandon this vessel - even when it's made to "vanish" (like other vessels), 5 of the Kyriotate's Forces are bound into it. However, it generates no dissonance if it's damaged or destroyed, though the angel must buy this attunement again if his vessel is killed.

P. 131. Change the second sentence under Kyriotates' Choir Attunements to read "And like others of their Choir, they may still inhabit as many Forces' worth of hosts and/or vessels as the total amount of their Forces - minus 5 Forces if they choose to have a human vessel of their own! (The GM may rule that animal vessels tie up fewer Forces.)"

P. 156. Under Band and Servitor Attunements,insert the following at the end of the last paragraph:

As with Distinctions (below), attunements can be granted to servants of another Prince, for fair reasons or foul. If the GM permits it, Servitor Attunements cost 10 points and Band Attunements cost 5 points. You may only purchase another Prince's Band Attunements for your own Band - your nature will not accept a Band Attunement which is too foreign to your personal symphony!

P. 160. Remove the (restricted) tag from Asmodeus' Calabim. (While they favor Roles that involved breaking things, this doesn't depend on their resonance, nor is the ability to recognize a Calabite (and his dissonance) in a vessel restricted, any more than the recognition of other Bands is.)

P. 168. Under Dissonance, replace "population centers" with "the mortal crowds".

P. 178. Saminga's Djinn of Death should be (partly restricted); Impudites are (restricted). The tags somehow got reversed.

P. 208. Under Mailing List in the second column of the About In Nomine box, the word "majordomo" is split across two lines, inserting a hyphen ("major-domo") that will interfere with subscription attempts. To subscribe to the list, the hyphen must be removed.