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In Nomine Superiors 1: War & Honor – Cover

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In Nomine Superiors 1: War & Honor

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Written by R. Sean Borgstrom, James L. Cambias, Genevieve Cogman, David Edelstein, Elizabeth McCoy, Derek Pearcy, and S. John Ross
Edited by Robert M. Schroeck + Additional material by Emily Dresner
Cover art by Ed Cox

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144 pages. Softcover. + Suggested Retail Price $20.95
Stock number 3320 + ISBN 1-55634-409-0
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There was war in Heaven; Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not.
– Revelations 12:7-8

Meet Your Boss . . .

And ready yourself for battle.

Seraphim and Malakim, aggressive and authoritarian . . . War, Stone, Judgment, and the Sword. The four Archangels of the "War Faction" are covered in depth in this book. Within these pages is all the material a Game Master needs to understand their goals and psychology, as well as everything a player needs to feel what it's like to be one of their Servitors – not just powers and dissonance, but also the experience of working for these Superiors, what the subculture of the Word expects from its members, and how to deal with your Archangel's organization.

Superiors 1: War and Honor includes:

  • New attunements, Distinctions, and Rites for each Archangel.
  • History, secrets, myths, and legends told by each Superior's own angels; rumors, slander and libel told about them by others.
  • The jobs performed by their Servitors – what does an angel of Stone do all day?
  • Gangs, Orders, triads and other groups an angel can belong to in service to his Lord.
  • Capsule summaries of the Archangels' relations with Superiors in both Heaven and Hell, with detailed briefs for the most important or controversial interactions.
  • Variant versions of each Superior for alternative campaigns.
  • Earthly organizations, humans in service, ethereal contacts and connections, and many other "hooks" for campaigns of any scope and power level.
  • Adventure seeds . . . celestial battles for War and Honor.


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Resources and Play Aids

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  • MUSHes and other online environments for In Nomine.
  • Character sheets for In Nomine, provided by Tafka J.
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