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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In "Phase 8: Check Honor" it says "Check to see if any ninja's Honor is at least five more than that of any rival. If so, he wins." Does this mean I win if I have five more Honor than my lowest Honor rival or the second-highest player?
A: You must have at least five more Honor than every other player. (See How To Win on page one for details.)

Q: I have the highest Honor at the Staff Meeting and I have an Errand. The player with the lowest Honor also has an Errand. Do I trade with the player who has the second lowest Honor at the staff meeting instead?
A: Yes. When a higher Honor Ninja forces a lower Honor Ninja to perform his Errand he swaps with the lowest Honor Ninja who has a Delivery Job.

Q: If someone trades an Errand to me at the staff meeting because I have low Honor, can I use the Call In A Favor card to give the Errand back to them?
A: Yes.

Q: The player with the lowest Honor at the Staff Meeting has an Errand. That player uses the Call In A Favor card to swap for my Mission. Can I then exercise my option to pawn the Errand back off to that player (as per the Errands rules on page 4)?
A: The Errand rule can not be used to return an Errand to a person who Called In A Favor with you – trading the Errand back won't cancel out the favor you owe them. You could still pawn the Errand off on the person with the second-lowest Honor of those at the staff meeting, and other players could still trade their errands with the player who Called In A Favor, since he has the lowest Honor of those at the staff meeting.

Q: A rival is the victim of an Interesting Times card that must be played at the beginning of his mission, before he makes any die rolls. If I want to play another Interesting Times card with the same restriction on him, do I have to play it before he rolls for the first Interesting Times card?
A: Yes. These Interesting Times events become part of the challenge of the mission.

Q: If an Interesting Times card penalizes my next skill roll, and I fail that roll, does the penalty apply to any attempt to re-roll that result?
A: No. An Interesting Times card that specifies the "next" roll only affects one roll.

Q: Dropped It! says you drop something if you were about to make a climbing roll. Since Neko never misses a climbing roll – in reality, never even rolls – does her immunity to missing climbing rolls make her immune to Dropped it!?
A: No. Neko still has to climb, and can still drop things. She just doesn't have to roll.

Q: Can It Did Not Happen be used to cancel an object as someone buys it?
A: No. The Fortune card being canceled must be played on someone; not purchased, drawn, impaled on a wakizashi, or the object of some other verb.

Q: Can I play Franchise Honored!, Franchise Shamed!, or Karmic Bookkeeping Error after someone wins?
A: No. Once Honor is has been counted to determine if someone won (Phase 8) the round is over and these cards can no longer be played to enable or prevent a victory. You can play these after the Honor Bonus/Penalty has been calculated in Phase 6.

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