Fortune Cards

Big Tip
Blank Check
Call In A Favor
Choice of Missions
Double Order!
Extra Mission
Extremely Clever Disguise
Fickle Fortune
Fortune Cookie
Franchise Honored!
Franchise Shamed!
Incredible Ninja Leap
Interesting Times: Alert Guards
Interesting Times: Dropped It!
Interesting Times: Huge Crowds
Interesting Times: Income Tax
Interesting Times: Leaky Bag
Interesting Times: Little Kids Watching!
Interesting Times: Manufacturer Recall
Interesting Times: Mousetrap
Interesting Times: Nice Doggies!
Interesting Times: Slipped!
Interesting Times: Surprised!
Interesting Times: Traffic Jam!
Interesting Times: White Ninja Attack
Interesting Times: White Ninja Trap
Interesting Times: You Are Seen!
It Did Not Happen! (x2)
Ninja Lore
Ninja Stuff: Artificial Plant
Ninja Stuff: Awful Cigar
Ninja Stuff: Big Juicy Steak
Ninja Stuff: Black Sports Car
Ninja Stuff: Body Armor
Ninja Stuff: Bunny Slippers
Ninja Stuff: Cardboard Box
Ninja Stuff: Cat Amulet
Ninja Stuff: City Map
Ninja Stuff: Claw Gloves
Ninja Stuff: Clown Suit
Ninja Stuff: Combat Spatula
Ninja Stuff: Digital Ninja Assistant
Ninja Stuff: Free Meal Coupons
Ninja Stuff: Gecko Boots
Ninja Stuff: Grapnel
Ninja Stuff: Helicopter Tickets
Ninja Stuff: Lampshade
Ninja Stuff: Lotus Powder
Ninja Stuff: Microfilmed Employee Manual
Ninja Stuff: Monkey Amulet
Ninja Stuff: Mouse
Ninja Stuff: Ninja Wetsuit
Ninja Stuff: "Not A Ninja" T-Shirt
Ninja Stuff: Official Ninja Burger Katana
Ninja Stuff: Official Ninja Burger Wakizashi
Ninja Stuff: Ox Amulet
Ninja Stuff: Police Badge
Ninja Stuff: Portable Shadow
Ninja Stuff: Snake Amulet
Ninja Stuff: Tiger Amulet
Ninja Stuff: Tooth Whitening Treatment
Ninja Stuff: Umbrella
Ninja Vu
Only A Test
Order Canceled
Training Course: Climbing
Training Course: Combat
Training Course: Customer Service
Training Course: Disguise
Training Course: Stealth
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Mission Cards

Air Force One
Anime Convention
Buckingham Palace
Building Under Construction
Bungee Jumper
Camp Charcoal
Charlie Company
CIA Headquarters
Clean Room
Concert at Club Drub
Consolidated Amalgamated Board Meeting
Desert Island
Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?
Economics 201
Errand: Do The Dishes
Errand: Drop Off Manager's Laundry
Errand: Pizza Run
Errand: Take Out The Trash
Errand: Walk The Leopard
Errand: Work The Phones
Figure Skating Championships
Frat House
Game Store
Health Spa
Ice Station Giraffe
International Space Station
Jim Bob's Trailer
Jury Room
La Maison Ritzee
Ladder Company No. 6
Little Sally Down The Well
Mad Scientist's Lab
Mardi Gras
Mongoplex 50
Mount Everest
Nuclear Submarine
Office Cube 2357-B
Officer Friendly
Pirate Ship
Pitcher's Mound
Primate Research Center
Rival Fast-Food Restaurant
Roswell, NM
Rush Hour
Santa Claus
Ski Lift
Somewhere Near Memphis . . .
Stuck Elevator
The Set of "Chef Showdown"
Tibetan Monastery
Warehouse 23
Water Park
Window Washer

Ninja Cards

Atsui Kuruma
Ayumi Chosho
Chi Omokage
Dageki Minasan
Damu Oushi
Katanashi Atotori
Katoshi Hikousen
Kiten Akuto
Manako Okashi
Musha Hime
Neko Otome
Nimo Kawaii
Suterusu Kaibutsu
Tenki Kisha
Yutaka Youji
Zuta Jinzu
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