Be a ninja! Deliver fast food! What's not to like? And here are 72 more cards, illustrated by Greg Hyland, to sumo-size your Ninja Burger adventures.

More missions, delivering everywhere from the top of the Empire State Building (and who might be placing THAT order?) to Hades! More ninja! And more Fortune cards, including new types: Goals, New Menu Items, and "enhancers" for your Ninja Stuff! It's not enough just to have a katana . . . now it can be Cursed and Wasabi-Coated too!

Plus a special bonus: cool Ninja Money Counters!

Honor demands that you get this supplement now. What more can we say?

This is a supplement for Ninja Burger. You will need the original game to play.

Ninja Burger 2 – Sumo-Size Me!

Designed by Steve Jackson * Developed by Giles Schildt
Illustrated by Greg Hyland

Sample CardsRulesninjaburger.comSteve Jackson GamesFun Ninja Things
Cover: Sumo-Size Me!

72 oversized cards, plus money counters.
Suggested Retail Price $16.95 * Stock number 1431
ISBN 1-55634-741-3
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