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Errata for Deluxe G.E.V. (miniatures)

Last Updated December 10, 2009

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Terrain Effects Table: The Town row of the Lt. Tank, Missile Tank, Mobile CP, Mobile HWZ column has been switched with the Infantry column. Non-heavy tanks must pay 2 movement points to enter a Town hex, and the defense strength of such units is doubled while in the hex. Infantry ignore Town hexes in regard to movement, and the defense strength of such units are tripled while in the hex.

The Water row of the Heavy Tank, Superheavy Tank, Ogre column has a misprint. The HVY cannot enter. The SHVY behaves as an Ogre.

5.083 Effects on GEVs: A GEV approaching the edge of a body of water must end its movement phase at the edge of the water, and may neither move onto nor leave the water until its next movement phase. A road which slopes directly into water is considered to be a ramp, and any land that slopes directly into the water is considered a beach. A GEV which enters or leaves water via a ramp or beach may do so without stopping or incurring other penalties. GEVs using a ramp may still get the road bonus.

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