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Errata for The Ogre Book, Second Edition – PDF

Last Updated December 10, 2009

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

New! P. 78. The last line of the page should read "That was its original mission, and it's only a machine.

New! P. 86. The last line of the page should read "The outcome of the battle will probably depend on the close-in maneuvers for position, and who succeeds in getting off the first shots with the majority of his force"

P. 108. In the second column, there is a formula for unit cost. It runs two lines; at the end of the first line, there should be an additional close parenthesis. "(Move1 × MM))" should be "(Move1 × MM)))".

P. 109. At the bottom of the first column, the next-to-last line of the Superheavy Tank formula is incorrect. The total should be 158.35, not 141.55. This in turn changes the last line of the formula. 158.35 ÷ 12 is 13.2 VPs.

New! P. 111. The last line"of the page should read Just be sure to stay out from under the treads.

The Missile Tank formula at the top of the second column should result in "36 + 32 = 68". The result is 5.6 which should still round to 6 VPs.

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