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Ogre Scenario Contest!

The first Ogre Scenario Contest was such fun, we decided to do it again!

This time the prizes are even bigger: $100 worth of loose minis from Warehouse 23 for the Best Scenario, two Runners-up will each receive $50 of loose minis, and the Top Seven will be published in Ogre Scenario Book 2. All seven contributors will receive two copies of the book, one signed by the Original Ogre himself.

NEW! I've extended the deadline two weeks! I've uploaded a rough style guide for all scenario submissions. If you don't have Ogre Scenario Book 1 – and why not? – this will give you a decent idea of how to put your ideas together.

The rules are simple. You create a fun and original scenario for the G.E.V. map and send it to us. The specifics are below.

The Rules

  • Rules Set: All the basic rules should be found in the Deluxe G.E.V. rulebook, with options from Shockwave, Ogre Reinforcement Pack, Battlefields, or Ogre Miniatures, as desired. House rules and new optional rules are not recommended; we won't automatically throw it out, but the scenario will have to be that much better if we need to look into balancing a new rule.
  • Map: The G.E.V. map is the focus of this contest. We'll save the huge scenarios that require Shockwave maps for the next contest.
  • Format: All entries must be submitted electronically. I'd prefer Word documents, but will accept text or .RTF formats, as well as Claris documents.
  • Style: Ogre Scenario Book 1 uses our official style for Ogre scenarios. You should, too.
  • Units: An easy way to score points would be to create a scenario that could be played with just the units found in Deluxe G.E.V., Deluxe Ogre, or both. Requiring a few extra units, especially in the advanced variants, won't cause any problems, but using a unit which hasn't been designed yet will. A good rule of thumb is if a picture or sketch of the unit has been published, it's safe to use. If you have questions about what new units SJ Games will be producing in the near future, feel free to ask the Ogre Line Editor.
  • Word Count: Word count shouldn't be a huge concern, but as a general guideline, a scenario should be less than 2000 words, and more than 500.
  • Flavor Text: Adding some background to your battle is always cool. If your strengths lie in areas other than prose, don't worry – we won't mark you down for it.
  • Deadline: All good things must end, and so must this contest. We'll stop taking scenarios for this contest on March 5, 2002.

All submissions become the property of Steve Jackson Games. Steve Jackson Games or its appointed representative shall be the sole judge of this contest.

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