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An Ogre scenario

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Following the successful assault against the CP, a Combine recovery team has reached the Ogre to repair it. But they are too late to escape a counter-attack!


The combine player (Red) is defending. They are permitted 6 armor units but each must have a movement value 3 or higher. The defenders are also given 3 Hovertrucks, 2 Infantry units, and a Mark 3 Ogre. The defender places the Ogre 3 hexes south from the northern border. Other units are placed no more than 2 hexes away from the Ogre.

The Ogre begins the game damaged from attacking the CP. Roll 3-1 on each Ogre weapon system, and score 2D6 damage on the treads. The Ogre begins with no exterior missiles.

The Combine player may elect to use the transports as a decoy. That player secretly records which transport is carrying which infantry unit (or both) and places the black "?" tokens to mark which transport is which.

The Paneuropean player (blue) is attacking. During setup the player sets up three waves of units, each with 7 armor units worth of units. Every armor unit must have a movement of 2 or higher. Hover APCs with a full complement of troops cost 3 points. All of these units start off-board and come in under the rules for Reinforcements.

Defender has the first turn.


The Ogre map!


No overlays will be used.


During the first, third, and fifth turns the Attacker is allowed to bring reinforcements on to the board. They may enter the East and West edges of the board in the center region of the map. At the beginning of the Attacker's turn, the attacker rolls one die.

1-2First wave activated.
3-4Second wave activated.
5-6Third wave activated.

Once the wave is activated it begins off-board and must move on to the board normally.

If the roll result is a wave that was already activated, it remains off-board. In the next turn the player may roll 2 dice. In the unlikely event that this second roll has no result, the Attacker may activate one wave of his choice. In the next turn, the player rolls for the next wave normally.


The Defenders can only retreat off the southern edge of the map. Attackers can retreat on any other edge.

Special Rules

Cruise Missiles and Missile crawlers are prohibited from being used. For a variant, the Infantry units can function as Combat Engineers.

Objectives & Victory Points

The Defenders objective is to get the Ogre and the specialist infantry off the southern edge of the board. The Attackers objective is to prevent this.

When the transports are destroyed the counter is not revealed. Counters are flipped only after all defenders have escaped or been destroyed.

Victory Levels

If the defender can get at least one infantry squadron off the map with the Ogre, it is an astounding Defender Victory!

If the defender gets at least the Ogre off the map, it is a Victory for the Ogre

If the Ogre does not get off but some units do, it is a draw.

If no units escape, it is a total defender victory!

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