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Luck of the Draw

An Ogre scenario

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Luck works both ways; only time will tell if it is good or bad. This time it's your luck that you have been ordered to take your company and clear out a route for supply convoys to push forward to support the friendly salient protruding into the enemy lines.


Use map G1.


None applicable; see Expanded scenario.


This is primarily a solitaire scenario, though it can be played with two or even more players.

At its core, it was designed as a way for beginning players to get a feel for movement and combat whist retaining applications for more advanced players.

For the basic scenario, the player will control a force composed of one Superheavy Tank, three Heavy Tanks, three GEVs, one GEV PC carrying three Squads of infantry, and four Light Tanks.

The force enters on Turn 1 from either the north or south edge and must ultimately travel to the opposite edge using one Road or Railroad route that travels from edge to edge.

Enemy Hotspots

Roll 2D6 and add 6 to the total; this is the number of Dummy counters that will represent potential enemy concentrations. These will need to be placed in a hex bordering the route that will be taken, preferably in some type of obstructed terrain (Town, Forest, or Swamp, for example).

During the game, when a Friendly element of the player's either ends its movement adjacent or attempts to move through a hex containing a Dummy counter, roll 1d6 and consult the following table:

1D6 ResultEnemy Unit
1 and 2All Clear
3 1×Infantry Squad
42×Infantry Squads
51×Light Tank
61×Heavy Tank

Any Enemy unit that is discovered will immediately attack the closest Friendly unit, using a Ranged Attack if adjacent and Overrun Combat if the Friendly unit enters the hex. See Special Rules below for further explication.





Special Rules

Special Rule 13.06 is required for this scenario. Sections 13.01 and 13.02 may be used if desired.

However, Section 13.01.02 must be used if applicable. Section 13.04 will be used if a result per the Opposition Force Table warrants it.

As a scenario-specific rule, if an Enemy unit conducts a Ranged Attack against an adjacent Friendly unit that has uncovered it, the enemy unit will fire first on a further 1D6 roll of 1-3; this shows that that the Friendly units are actively searching for Enemy holdouts . . . but the enemy is still waiting in ambush. Any Enemy unit that survives to a second Turn will withdraw to the closest Dummy Counter and will attack any eligible Friendly units as laid out previously.

Objectives & Victory Points

The player gains Victory Points per the standard rules on p. 12 of the Scenario Book for both the destruction of Enemy units and the preservation of Friendly units. In addition, clearing the chosen route of all Enemy Hotspots will give the player an additional 20 VPs. However, VPs are lost per the standard rules as above for Friendly units destroyed. Divide the total VPs gained by the total VPs lost and consult the schedule below:

Victory levels

Decisive Victory2.00+
Marginal Victory1.00-1.99
Marginal Defeat0.25-0.49
Decisive Defeat< 0-0.24

Expanded scenario

Use the included table in order to expand the game considerably.

First, choose the operational tempo that the player force must contend with: Low, Medium, or High. In short form, this is the relative difficulty the player will have to contend with in clearing the route for the following convoy. However, it is also a statement of the relative importance that higher headquarters is placing on the route-clearance operation, ranging from the "men over the mission" to the "mission over the men."

Second, devise a force to command per the rules laid out on p. 12 of the Scenario Book.

Note the "Convoy Option" present in the table; this adds further complexity through the inclusion of a actual convoy (in which case, the mission would then change from convoy security/protection to purely route clearance).

If the Convoy Option is used, Enemy units will target a roll of range; additionally, prior to the Friendly movement phase each Turn, roll an additional 1D6; on a result of 6 a random Truck element will suffer a single ranged attack from an adjacent hex by a 11 Infantry Squad that will then be eligible to be attacked by any Friendly unit in a conventional manner

Third, identify the number of Enemy Hotspots that are needed per the stipulations laid out in the Basic Scenario above.

Fourth, choose a map to play on and define a route to be cleared; this route can be north/south for longer games or east/west for comparatively shorter ones (though the potential engagement areas will be more compact). Any map can be used, even two disparate halves with appropriate overlays to join them properly-just clearly identify a road-route that crosses from one end of the map to another. Indeed, even the orange Ogre map could be used with the craters being replaced with rubble piles (in which case no route would need to be cleared, just a sector of enemy holdouts).

Fifth, score Victory Points (or lose them) per the chart in conjunction with the stipulations laid out in the Basic Scenario.

Sixth, good luck to you and your troopers . . .!


Operational Tempo

  Low Medium High
Player Force 8 Armor Units + 3 Infantry Squads 12 Armor Units + 3 Infantry Squads 16 Armor Units + 3 Infantry Squads
Enemy Hotspots 10+1D6 15+1D6 20+1D6
Map Any G or S Any G or S Any G or S
Time Limit 20 Turns 20-1D6/2 Turns 20-1D6 Turns
Victory Points Add 20VP for complete route clearance. Double the cost of all friendly elements lost (i.e. a friendly Heavy Tank destroyed counts as -12 VPs). Add 20VP for complete route clearance. Use standard VP costs for friendly units (i.e. a friendly Heavy Tank destroyed counts as -6 VPs). Add 20VP for complete route clearance. Halve the cost of all friendly units lost (i.e. a Heavy Tank destroyed counts as -3 VP); round normally (so, a Light Tank lost will cost the player -2 VPs . . .32 = 1.5, rounded up).
Convoy Option Add 4 Trucks; each costs 3VP if destroyed. Add 8 Trucks; each costs 6VP if destroyed. Add 12 Trucks; each costs 9VP if destroyed.

Opposition Force Matrix

2D6 Result Optempo: Low Optempo: Medium Optempo: High
2 1×Mine 2×Heavy Tanks 1×Superheavy Tank
3 1×Missile Tank 1×Mine 2×Mines
4 All Clear 1×GEV 1×Mine
5 1×Light Tank 1×Heavy Tank 2×Infantry Squads
6 All Clear All Clear All Clear
7 1×Infantry Squad 2×Infantry Squads 3×Infantry Squads
8 2×Infantry Squad 3×Infantry Squads 3×Light Tanks
9 1×Light GEV All Clear 1×Infantry Squad
10 All Clear 1×Missile Tank 1×Heavy Tank
11 1×Missile Tank 1×Mine 1×Superheavy Tank
12 1×Heavy Tank 1×Superheavy Tank 1×Ogre Mark I

The Ogre Scenario Book 2 PDF, combining all of these scenarios, may be purchased on Warehouse 23

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